Your Anxiety Won’t Chase The Right Person Away

Your Anxiety Won’t Chase The Right Person Away

The right person might not understand your anxiety, but they will accept that it is a part of you. They won’t hold it against you. They won’t vilify you over it. They won’t get mad at you when you clam up in social situations. They won’t make you feel guilty about canceling plans or being quiet around their friends. They won’t make you feel embarrassed about being yourself. They will love you on your best days and your most anxious days. 

The right person isn’t going to run away when you get overwhelmed with anxious thoughts, when you break down crying, when you overthink or ask a million questions. The right person will understand that you need reassurance about their feelings for you. They won’t get annoyed when your insecurities get the best of you. They will let you know, one thousand times, how much you mean to them. They will make sure you feel loved and supported at all times.

The right person will understand that on some days you need to stay home, you need to keep to yourself, you need to distance yourself from other people. They won’t mind hanging out with you on the couch and having a lazy day. They’ll be happy to do whatever makes you the most comfortable, even if that means staying in. This person would rather have fun with you alone than without you in a crowd, so they won’t hold your quiet days against you.

The right person won’t accuse you of overreacting when you’re upset or stressed. They won’t act like you’re being ridiculous when you voice your fears. They’ll take your emotions seriously. They’ll respect your opinion, even if they don’t agree. This person will make sure you feel comfortable coming to them about anything that is bothering you. They would never want you to suffer silently. They would never want you to keep your problems to yourself, even if you think your problems sound silly.

The right person will take your anxiety into consideration when planning dates. If they know you hate surprises, they’ll run ideas by you before buying concert tickets or agreeing to party plans. They’ll check in with you when you’re in crowds to make sure you’re doing okay, and will go outside to get air with you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. They’ll be there for you with their actions, not just their words.

The right person will respect your boundaries. If you tell them something makes you anxious, they won’t do it anymore. They won’t pressure you into anything that makes you uncomfortable. Your safety will be their number one priority. They’ll care more about your comfort than having a good time or getting their way. They genuinely care about your well-being. They want you to be happy.

Even though you might be scared to show your real self to someone new, anxiety won’t chase the right person away. The right person will try their best to understand where you’re coming from. They’ll do whatever they can to make you feel comfortable.