Your Body Is A Vessel For Your Soul

Your body is a vessel for your soul.

You are born with a soul. Your soul is full of your personality. Your soul is full of life. Your soul is full of your desired destiny. Your soul is filled with your mission in life.

In a way, we all have the same mission in life in our soul. It is to love everybody and everything. We are designed to help people. We are designed to express ourselves. We are designed to create tangible and intangible things.

In another way, we all have a slightly different mission. We have different aptitudes inborn in us. We all nurture in a different way. We all emote ourselves in a different way. We all bond with others in a different way. Some of us are destined to play trumpet in a folk band as our best skill.

The seemingly most different things about us manifest in how different we all look from one another. Sometimes it seems like we all want to look the same. But how would we tell each other apart? Moreover, we are all put into different bodies because it is part of our mission in life to actualize the gifts of our souls through the vessel of our bodies.

If you were born petite, it affects how you fulfill your soul’s embodiment. Maybe you will feel overshadowed. Maybe you will feel unnoticed. Maybe you will even feel in certain situations and at different ages that it draws a lot of attention to you. Is it positive attention? Is it negative attention? Still, you strive to love, and hone skills, and learn and grow. Still you strive to serve others.

The same goes for you if you were born very tall. Or with honey hair. Or with green eyes. Or if you have a prominent nose. Wanting to change your appearance can be a natural feeling, and dolling up can be fun indeed. But every once in a while, it can be good to meditate on the vessel that you were given to do your soul’s work. The two entities, the soul and the body, are not random at all. You could even suspect that they are meant to match.

It doesn’t take much to make a life. Not everybody procreates. Not everybody works. Not everybody likes leaving the house. And some people live alone. But inside all of us is an urge. Inside all of us is an urge to do what? Maybe to make our vessel work for our soul. To take that prominent nose and bobble your head like a puppet, or have a quirky personality. To match it to a big heart. To take that honey hair and be sweet as honey. To dye your hair to match your green eyes. And not be envious of anybody.