Your Dream Wedding Vibe, Based On Your Birth Month



Your vibe is not as much a vibe as much as it is a color palette, and it’s not going to be crisp, stark white either. Some of your more traditional family members may not “get” your vision in the middle of planning, may throw out comparisons to a certain celebrity Kim without meaning it as a compliment, but all mouths will either be shut or jaw-dropped when they see the final result. The simplicity will create an elegance that lets you and your partner be the true stars of the show without any distractions.


Classic Black Tie.

Your family raised you on Sinatra or James Bond and it shows, but there’s nothing wrong with going old school for your big day. Well-dressed never goes out of style and your photographer will have a field day creating shots that will age like fine wine. Your vibe is all about bridging those generation gaps and bringing your family and friends together in a way that allows everyone to let loose on the dance floor. 



Your dream wedding is all about mother nature, so banquet halls beware! They’re not getting a dime from you and your boo. The biggest challenge you’re going to have to overcome is accessibility. Yes, maybe that mountaintop is the most picturesque spot for the two of you to exchange your vows. You need a backdrop as big as the commitment you’re making. But if you want family and friends to be there with you, you’re going to need a route that doesn’t require any Tomb Raider axe pick action to get there. You know Aunt Susan is less “on belay” and more “JonBenét”.


Cozy barn.

You want the peace and tranquility of the countryside with a roof as your safety net. You envision your guests in flowy florals, funky patterns, colors and combinations that allow them to express themselves without feeling suffocated by the constraints of traditional formality. You want to create an ambience of comfort and community. Seating charts that are based on personality and not social connections. When the fireflies come out and the band starts to play, you want everyone to be well fed and feeling like they’ve known each other forever. 



You’re going to go there. Way out there. To a place, or a galaxy, not all of your guests are super familiar with. But that’s okay, because this is your big day, the party you’ve been dreaming of forever. The ones who love you will embrace the challenge and end up having the time of their lives. Everyone loves to put on a costume, and not just for Halloween. When they walk into your venue, it will feel like being truly immersed in another world. A world so fun, people will be reminiscing about the night for years wishing they could go back.



Maybe it’s the school’s out vibe associated with your birth month that makes you want to get the hell out of town, away from everyone and everything you know for your big day. You think love is larger than life, so your wedding needs to be completely separated from anything even bordering on the quotidian. You have strong convictions that a marriage is a sacred bond between two people, so aunts and uncles and old college roommates are not a requirement. You can throw a big party after the nuptials, but you have your mind set on privacy for the day of and that’s okay.



Your dream wedding is going to rack up a huge electric bill. Your wedding will be full of chandeliers, pyrotechnics, bonfires, you name it. Everything about your big day is going to be glowing as much as you are. You know that nothing sets the mood like lighting, so it will be well worth trimming and lighting each candle by hand. Just make sure someone keeps an eye on Uncle Todd. You never what he’ll knock over while he’s telling a story with his hands.



You need everyone to just take a chill pill on your big day because it’s going to be a no-stress zone. Also on the banned list are heels, heavy makeup, and hairdos that can’t handle some wind. Your big day is about coming as you are, and enjoying a moment in paradise, and celebrating your relationship with the people you love. Tiki drinks are a must, as is plenty of sun tan lotion within arms reach. No one wants a hangover and a sunburn.



Your dream vibe is less about being on a budget, and more about putting your artistic talents on display. You’ve been saving all kinds of glass jars and other recycled items to create the decor you’ve seen in your mind. Don’t be discouraged when family members offer to just buy you whatever you’re trying to build from the ground up. Once they see the final touches, it will be so apparent whose wedding it is they won’t want to change a single thing.



Your dream wedding requires a certain level of authenticity that can’t be replicated elsewhere. It’s a city or a country that needs to be traveled to instead of transported in a diluted form to wherever you are. You want family and friends to experience the magic of the air, the sun, the food, the people of this place, and understand just how special all of it is to your love story. The people who matter will make the journey.



The guest list is so exclusive you may not even be telling your loved ones exactly what it is they’re attending. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but the idea of spending your wedding day having 30 second conversations with over a hundred extended relatives and family friends makes you break out in hives. You don’t want everyone staring at you seated at an elevated head table, you want all your guests seated at the same table where you can see and speak to everyone. The intimacy of a family dinner. Family is everything to you, and as you grow yours to include a spouse, you want your ride or dies by your side.



Forget chicken and mashed potatoes, your dream wedding is all about incredible flavors and enticing the senses. Nothing keeps people drinking and enjoying themselves like good food. Whether you cater or rent out your favorite restaurant, you’re proving that a wedding is more than just an open bar. Everyone will thank you for it once they realize those late night hot dogs saved them from a world of pain the next day.