Yaroslav Shuraev

Your Healing Journey Can Exist While In A Healthy Relationship 

People often fail to mention how you can continue to heal while you are in a healthy relationship. We tend to only imagine a healing journey as a solo trip– where we do most of the work on our own. 

There are mixed opinions about dealing with your traumas while also pursuing a relationship. A healing journey starts with you because you are on the road to self discovery and self love. You learn about your boundaries and your self worth. Our healing journey is not linear, but trust that it will lead to a better you. Some might think a relationship will be detrimental to your healing journey because oftentimes it takes the focus away from yourself. 

However, think about it this way: in a sport, hobby, etc, you have to continue to learn more about it in order to perform that activity well. You learn the skills, the ins and outs, you learn the objective goal of said activity. But what happens next? On average, we are not instantaneous professionals. We have to practice and practice until we start feeling more confident in ourselves. Well, this is what I mean when I tell you that healing can still continue to be present in a healthy relationship.

In a healing journey, you take the time to learn more about the ways you want to be treated, learning more about your self-worth, your boundaries, etc. But the true test in your healing journey is experiencing your progress in real time. Old patterns or triggers can still arise even in the healthiest of relationships. I believe a true healthy relationship will not cause a negative effect on someone who is still recovering from their traumas. A healthy relationship would offer you the space to practice what you’ve been learning to preach. You would have the space and the person you can express your boundaries to. You would have the space to practice the healthy communication skills you might have been reading about. You can practice expressing your feelings and emotions to someone else. 

Don’t start doubting your progress, rather remind yourself that a healing journey is a never ending process.