Dmitriy Ganin

Your Life Didn’t Change, You Did

You think that your life miraculously got better, but the truth is, life runs on monotonous cycles offering the good with the bad to everyone.

Our environment affects how much gain we’re able to see or pull out of life.
Your life didn’t suddenly get better; you did. Your perspective, outlook, expectations, and boundaries changed.

Before, you saw limited options. Now you create opportunities.
You’ve taken time to discover yourself, voluntarily and in part through forced life experiences.

The job you hated 10 years ago is a piece of cake compared to what you’re doing now. 
The relationship you thought you couldn’t stand five years ago is the same relationship you’re searching for now. 
The friendships you’ve had since high school are the same friends who are strangers now.
The family members you were striving to please are the same ones you’re distancing yourself from now.

Opportunities to thrive are present time and time again, but you’ll never see them until you’re ready. You know you’re ready when your ego dies a little and you’ve cried, “I’ve had enough.”

It’s when you simultaneously realize your vulnerability and your strength. It’s when you’ve learned through your mistakes and experiences, it’s when you take responsibility, and stop blaming other people for the results of your life.
It’s the feeling of having drunk too much, and now reality hits. You’re sober.

Your life starts when you let go of unrealistic expectations, not because you’ve given up, but because it was never the life you wanted. Your life begins when you realize that you’ve based your happiness on other people’s wants and societal norms instead of what you really desire.
Your life starts when you realize that you are the co-creator and God is the lead. 

You realize that life isn’t some fairy-tale. It’s what you make of it. Your life didn’t change; it’s always been there for the taking. You’ve embraced and adapted.

So now what?
Do you live in mediocrity? Hell no.

You keep on exploring and figuring out what an actualized life looks like for you.
It’s easy to lose ourselves along the way. It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come, to get discouraged and feel alone.
This is your reminder to count the little wins. Progress happens in micro shifts, slowly and then sometimes all at once. Look at everything you’ve made it through. Look at how you’ve been broken, then look at how you’ve broken through.

You see, your life didn’t change. You did.

It was always you.