Ali Karimiboroujeni

Your Life Is Made Up Of Many Stories—This One Isn’t The End

It’s okay to grieve what once was. It’s also okay to celebrate what once was. 

Your life is made up of many stories and many more to be lived. This is not the end. You’re constantly evolving and growing. With each new discomfort comes new life. We think we must be tied to one identity forever, which simply isn’t true. At any time, we can reinvent ourselves and change the course of our lives.

We think that losing is a loss instead of a stepping stone. We forget that we’re resilient, that we’ve already overcome so much. We tell ourselves we have limited options when we’ve only seen a fraction of the possibilities. 

My love, you are so much more than this one moment in time. You are more expansive than this body. You are so much more than this job. Your purpose cannot be confined to the restraints society tries to place on you. Societal ideas are generic. They’re not the sum of your life.

Maybe you started out single, travelled the world, tousled your hair on the beach, and had many loves. Then you moved into broken hearts, a shattered spirit, loss, and were searching for direction. After, you moved into parenthood, giving, caring, sacrificing, and loving more than you could ever imagine. Now, you’re exploring yourself, creating new identities and learning how to navigate the world once more. 

Or maybe that’s not your story at all. You see, the narrative of your life is never done. No matter your age, no matter your environment, no matter your setbacks. You get to choose. Your life is yours and yours alone to live. 

Sometimes we hold on to our past. We reminisce about everything we’ve lost instead of looking at the lessons, love, and memories we’ve gained. Your past experiences are the moments that have shaped you. They’re the people who’ve stirred your soul and restored you. They are the moments that make you realize what truly matters.

Sometimes events ease you into the next life chapter, and other times they catapult you there. Do not forget the here and now. You’re right where you need to be though it doesn’t always feel like it. Right now, you get the chance to rewrite your life. You get the gift of new love, renewed mindset, and present-day memories. Your life is yours for the taking. So take it. One chapter at a time.