Your Love And Romance Horoscope For April 2022

Your Love And Romance Horoscope For April 2022

Whether you are in a committed relationship or are newly single, April is going to be a beautiful month for some signs — and a rough one for others. Here is some love advice to help you make it through April 2022:


Remember, your standards are not negotiable. If someone is treating you terribly, don’t make an exception because you have history or because you love them too much. If they cannot reach your expectations, show them the door.


Remember, your love life isn’t the only aspect of your world that needs attention. Don’t get so swept away by romance that you forget your other responsibilities. A full life is a well-rounded life. Love isn’t everything, even though it might feel like it right now.


Remember, you aren’t always going to receive closure. Sometimes, you have to move on, even though you’re still left with questions. You have to accept that the past is in the past and that you might never know the full story.


Remember, your person shouldn’t be your sole source of happiness. It’s not fair for you to put so much pressure on them. And it’s not healthy, either. You need to have other things that bring you joy, whether it’s a passion or a friendship or your work.


Remember, every relationship moves at its own pace. Comparing this love to a past love – or to other loves you’ve seen with friends or family members – will only cause trouble. Worry about what feels right, not about what society is pressuring you to do by a certain age.


Remember, actions matter as much as words. Someone can promise you the world, but if they don’t deliver, those pretty little words are meaningless. Make sure you’re with someone who tells the truth, who keeps their word instead of backtracking with random excuses.


Remember, you’ve gotten over heartbreaks and setbacks before. Even though you might feel like you’ll never shed this pain, it’s going to happen. You’re going to surprise yourself. You’re going to come out of this okay.  


Remember, romance is not a race. You’re allowed to feel emotional about others reaching milestones earlier than you. Your feelings are valid. But don’t let their happiness steal yours. Don’t assume that their quick success means your story is a failure.


Remember, quitting is not something to be ashamed by. Knowing when to walk away is important. It’s much better to say goodbye now than to prolong the pain. Never feel guilty about doing the best thing for yourself.


Remember, you shouldn’t have to make huge sacrifices for your partner. The right person will support your dreams, not convince you to drop them. If they aren’t encouraging you, then they aren’t the right person for you. But if they are, then hold onto them tight.


Remember, love might mean hard work, but it should never mean constant, unending pain. If someone is draining your energy and causing you doubt, they aren’t the right fit for you. They aren’t giving you the butterflies and blush that a relationship should.


Remember, some loves are temporary – but that doesn’t make them any less special. Someone who was only in your orbit for a few weeks could mean more to you than someone you’ve known for years. Quality matters more than quantity.