Your Main Love Language, Based On Your Birth Order

Your Main Love Language, Based On Your Birth Order

Your love language is important to know because it determines the way you want partners to treat you. If you know your love language, and know your partner’s love language, then you’ll be able to make each other feel loved in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable. Here is your (most likely) love language based on your birth order:

Only Child: Words of Affirmation

As an only child, you probably grew up relying on yourself. You might have been called an old soul because you were super independent, and the adults in your life were probably impressed by this. Now that you’re older, you still crave the same validation. You want to know that you’re doing a good job. You don’t need your partner to be super romantic all the time – but you need them to appreciate you and acknowledge everything that you do for them.

Oldest Child: Acts of Service

As the oldest child, you are used to having a lot of responsibilities – so it’s always nice when you’re given the chance to sit back and relax. You love when your partner takes the reins, so you don’t have to do as much work. There’s nothing better than having a lazy day, because you didn’t always get those growing up. And it’s romantic AF to you now. Knowing that your partner did the laundry for you or took out the trash without you even asking is incredibly sweet in your mind.

Middle Child: Receiving Gifts

There’s a stereotype that the middle children are ignored – and even though that’s not entirely true, it might have been hard to get attention when you had (at least) two other siblings in the house. That’s why you’ve always appreciated when you’ve received a special gift that was for you and only you. Now that you’re older, you love receiving gifts because it shows that the other person paid attention to your specific needs. They knew what you wanted and they delivered.

Youngest Child: Physical Touch

As the youngest child, you probably got a lot of attention from everyone in your family – and you got used to being treated that way. Now that you’re older, you want to be pampered in your relationships. You want to feel wanted. That’s why you enjoy cuddling up close with your partner, getting massaged by them, and having them hold your hand in public. You constantly want their hands on you as a reminder that you’re loved.

Twin: Quality Time

Chances are, you spent a lot of time with your sibling while growing up because you were the same age and got grouped together often. This is why you consider quality time so important now that you’re older. In relationships, you want to hang out with your person all the time. You want to bond and chat about your life and even sit together in silence. You don’t need much space because you’re used to sharing. You’re used to sticking close to the people you love the most.