Your Path To Success Will Look Different From Everyone Else’s

What do you think of when you think of success? What pops into your mind? Maybe you imagine the flashy cars, designer clothes, an abundance of money, or other material goods. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because those things can be associated with success. But they are not the only definers of what it means to achieve. Success is not limited to a single characterization.

But so many of us get pulled into society’s standards of success that it becomes difficult to define what success even means in our own lives. It prevents us from living out our own definition of a successful life. It prevents us from chasing after what may truly bring us happiness. What will make us feel at peace.

And maybe years ago the definition of success was this one-sided idea of a family, kids, a house, a nice car, and status. But as our generations evolve, I believe we are uncovering that we each get the opportunity to map out our own set of goals.

We are realizing that success is defined by you and for you. It can and likely will look different from your family, your friends, your coworkers, and even the stranger you say hello to at your local grocery store. And that’s okay.

What is successful for you may be completely different to how someone else views success, but that shouldn’t stop you from living that out.

Because we shouldn’t be ‘copy and pastes’ of every other being. We are human for a reason, and part of that gift is exploring our individuality on this earth. It’s exploring, and discovering, and accomplishing what’s important to you, not just what society intended as success.

We don’t need to chase a certain path to gain happiness. We don’t need to live out a marketed storyline in order to feel worthy. You can feel proud and successful in many ways.

So please, don’t just cling to a hobby, a career, or a relationship just because you feel you should. 

Because in the end, the point is to make our own success. The point is to create and live. For today. For tomorrow. For each moment we have on this earth with a beating heart. To create a life that genuinely makes you smile. That makes you feel content or at peace. A life you’d be proud to read aloud.

That’s success. Now go find it.