Your Perfect Match Will Love You For Exactly Who You Are

When you’re a passionate person, you have an eternal fire that burns from within. You glow naturally. Your touch brings happiness to the people around you. Your smile lights up a whole room. And that is beautiful. Amazing, in fact. 

But just like everything else, it has its pros and cons. Because when you have too much fire within you, sometimes you are not aware of how blinding your flares can be. That your fumes alone can be life-threatening if not handled carefully. So you spend every minute of your life in caution. Too afraid to over-ignite the fire, too careful not to extinguish it. 

But honey, when you’re with the right person, apparently none of that matters. 

You just need to find someone who matches your flame. Someone who matches your energy. Not too hot, otherwise one of you will burn. Not too cold, otherwise one of you will freeze. Just the perfect amount of incandescence, which will bring warmth and glow to each other’s life. It took me a while to realize how rare that is. 

People spend years finding their perfect match. And sometimes even after one or two lifetimes, they still fail. It’s the sad truth. We look and look everywhere and we do not even see the irony that sometimes only once we stop looking do we find our perfect match. 

Someone who is sweet, serious, honest, yet funny and weird. The perfect balance of maturity and childishness. You can be as romantic as hell around each other without holding back. You will have deep conversations about life and sometimes even about death and other topics people are too afraid to talk about. And at the same time, you can be goofy and silly around each other without any judgment. And boy, will you make each other laugh. A lot. It will feel easy. Calming. Comforting. Perfect. Sometimes you even have to pinch yourself to remind you it’s all real. Cause that’s how love should be. Peaceful. Inspiring. Motivating. Reassuring. 

Your perfect match may not be perfect through the eyes of others. Heck, sometimes you might even find some imperfections. But even these imperfections complement how perfectly he fits in your life. Like a missing piece in your puzzle. See those spaces between your fingers? Apparently, when you hold their hands, you’ll figure it’s where their fingers fit perfectly. Notice how they never get tired of stroking your hair until you fall asleep. How warm and safe you feel when wrapped in their arms. And even when in the eyes of the whole world you’re a strong, independent, and powerful woman, there’s this one person who sees your vulnerable side but still recognizes how wonderful and amazing you are and never fails to remind you that. 

Your perfect match will make you feel beautiful, even at times when you are covered with chickenpox or even when you’re in your sweatpants. When you get so used to taking care of the world, they will be taking care of you in return. They will make you feel loved in ways you’ve never felt before. It will be magical. It will be wonderful. It will be glorious. You will complement each other perfectly. You will understand what the other person means even without saying a word. You will know what the other person needs even before they say it out loud. Taking care of each other will be like reflex. When there’s love, happiness comes naturally. 

So you let the fire burn. In fact, you walk in the flames and allow the blaze to consume you. Because for the first time in your life, you realize that fire, when at the right intensity, isn’t bad after all. That fire gives you power, strength, and vigor. When you find your perfect match, with the same fire potency, you glow from within. You sparkle. You shine. And you share that light with everyone around you.