Your Purpose In Life Is Just To Be Authentically And Wonderfully You

We’ve been conditioned to believe our purpose must be labeled, categorized, and measured. I was presented with a lot of questions in this first half of the year surrounding my purpose. I was trying to figure out how my thoughts could translate into something tangible I could offer. I could hear my inner knowing sending a strong message to go within, but I felt the current of my conditioning telling me that my worth would be found outside of myself. I intuitively felt resistance but chose to ignore it. I did everything to be in control, as I always had done. If I was not doing that, I felt this wave of guilt for simply being. Being wasn’t enough. I was not in flow, I was in control. I was exhausted, agitated, and unable to show up for others in the way I knew I was intended to. 

When I sat with my intentions, I recognized the part of me wanting to be seen and crying out to be heard. Underneath the ambition to create was my highest self calling for my attention and love. I had felt this confidence in knowing who I was, but in this season I had never felt so far from myself. And in that realization, I knew I had to show up for myself in a way I hadn’t. It was time to look at myself without my job, without my relationships, without material goods, without the milestones. Who was I without all of these things? If I woke up with nothing, would I be proud of my very being? 

I was listening to a podcast and the words “your purpose is to be you” seeped into my skin and into my bloodstream.  Hearing these words was a form of medicine no pharmacy could ever deliver. It was six months of therapy in six words. I felt the weight of expectation lift off of my shoulders. I was the only one measuring my worth by my productivity and success.

I don’t know all that my path entails, but I do know two things: I want to wake up and embody love, freedom, and joy and I want to heal others. I trust that if I hold those two knowings at my core, my energy will flow where it is intended. 

Your purpose is to show up as you are, in full expression of your authenticity. It’s how you show up for the people you love, coworkers, neighbors, and strangers. It’s how you speak to yourself when no one else is around. It’s the very energy you embody, whether you are silent in a room full of people, connecting with others, or in your solitude. Your presence and commitment to your truth is your purpose. 

When you are connected to this foundation of worth, energy will flow. You will create from a place not of need, but of truth and pure knowing. Trust the inspired action that moves through you and say yes when doors begin to open. Trust that you will continue to receive all that you need, when you’re intended to receive it.