You’re Never Too Important To Treat Others Right

I believe that the way you treat others speaks volumes about your character and the kind of person you are. And no matter who you are, where you are, where you’re from, or where you’re going, it’s vital to know that you’re never too important to treat others right. I know this may be a wild concept for those of you who are arrogant, mean, nasty, selfish, and massively rude to process, but take a moment to hear me out.

No matter how important you may think you are, it’s never okay to look down on others or to mistreat them because you think you’re better than them. News flash: You’re not better than anyone. And if you think you are, wake up. Because you’re not. And you’re never too important to treat others right. Why not be a kind and considerate person? Kindness is a quality trait to have, and you could potentially brighten someone else’s day or mood just by being a decent human being who chooses to treat others right.

You don’t have the right or authority to be disrespectful to others, talk to them any way you would like, or to view them as less than because of who you are. Your race, background, influence, social status, education, resources, or anything else you have does not give you the right to treat others poorly. You have no idea what some people are going through or the mental state they may be in, and the way you treat the people you interact with does matter. So be mindful not to esteem yourself so high that you forget to treat others right.

You’re never too important to open your mouth and say “good morning” or “hello” to those you encounter each day. Even if you’re not a “morning person,” will it really kill you to take the time to speak?

You’re never too important to hold the door open for someone you see walking behind you. Don’t be that person who lets the door slam in someone else’s face when you can clearly see they’re heading in the same direction as you.

You’re never too important to apologize when you’re wrong. We’ve all messed up at some point in our lives. So it’s okay to go back and try to correct areas where you were the one in the wrong.

You’re never too important to show interest in the interests of others. Stop being so self-centered and self-focused. It’s okay to show interest in others and what they have going on too.

You’re never too important to follow up with someone who’s taken the time to reach out to you. I know you’ll have times when you’re busy. It happens. But if someone takes the time to reach out to you, follow up with them.

You’re never too important to admit when you’ve made a mistake. Again, we’ve all messed up. And acknowledging where you’ve messed up and showing a willingness to learn from your mistakes shows a great deal of class and maturity.

You’re never too important to be patient with someone who needs your assistance or help. If someone asks you for help, they must really need it. How would you want someone to treat you in your time of need?

You’re never too important to make time for who and what truly matters. Be willing to make others a priority sometimes. I know you’re important and that there will be times when you need space to focus on yourself, but never lose sight of the special people and moments in your life that matter too.

You’re never too important to do the right thing. You should never compromise your values, your integrity, or respect for anyone or anything. Do the right thing, even when it’s not easy or always convenient.

And treat others the way you want to be treated. Because the same energy you put out is the same energy you will receive in return. You’re never too important to treat others right—no matter who you are.