You’re Not Doing Yourself Any Favors By Keeping Yourself Small

 I know you’re scared of failing, or even worse, being great beyond all measure. Nevertheless, you’re not doing yourself any favors by being less than you are.

You’re not doing yourself any favors by shrinking to meet the expectations of other people. You think you’re making room for others when you’re really opting out of your life.

“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world…” – Marianne Williamson

You’re supposed to take up space in the areas you reside. The phrase “I am” is an extension of you. I am enough. I am human. I am worthy. You’re meant to leave an imprint in the hearts of those you meet. You’re meant to share your gifts with yourself first and then others.

I know that sometimes you feel out of place, but everyone isn’t supposed to understand you. Stop expecting them to. They aren’t you. They haven’t lived through your experiences. They don’t have the same capacity to process the world in the ways you do.

Just because someone doesn’t get you doesn’t mean you’re hard to get. 

No one else can string together the story of your life. You’re not doing yourself any favors by keeping yourself small. Do not hold back this time.

Keeping yourself small is insulting. You fought from the womb to get here. Yet you believe that you don’t deserve to be acknowledged. You tell yourself that anyone who speaks louder than you must have the most important words to say. You reject yourself before anyone else gets a chance. You can survive the rejection of others, but please do not reject yourself. 

You’re keeping yourself small because you fear exposure. You dread the scrutiny of the public eye. You loathe the thought of having to keep up with appearances. You’re nervous that you’ve outgrown the life you’ve made for yourself.

Shining brighter than Rihanna’s diamonds means recognizing your value. If you continue silencing your voice and talents, all you’ll be left with are what if’s, maybes, and resentment. You must take a chance on yourself. There’s no benefit in obsessing over other people’s lives while neglecting your own.

Do not hold back this time.

We hold back because we’re afraid of any experience that threatens love, safety, or belonging. We hold back because don’t want to be rejected.

And we might be.

You’re not ready for the loss of those closest to you, but what kind of love stifles your very being? What kind of love shows affection only when you shut down? It’s time to let go.

We hold back because we’re afraid of losing safety. Maybe you’re the person who continually sacrifices, and in a weird way, you’ve adapted to that identity. You’ve made it your safe space. Stepping out of that identity means you soar out of cages. It means changing who you are in your friendships and families. It’s time to stop playing safe. It’s time to stop holding back. It’s time to let go.

We hold back when we’re afraid we won’t belong. We stay in places where we feel uncomfortable because we think there’s nowhere else to go. But we’re wrong.

You belong to yourself. It’s better to belong to yourself than shrinking into areas you don’t want to be. You’ll find your place. Most likely, it’s already here. It’s the places and people that make you feel seen. It’s where the edge of your lip curves into a smile. Those are the places you belong. 

You’re not doing yourself any favors by keeping yourself small. You don’t have to be less than you are to receive all you deserve. Show up in all your talent and glory. The right people will find you, support you, and encourage you. 

You’re not doing yourself any favors by keeping yourself small in hopes of minimizing people’s judgement of you. People are going to judge and criticize you no matter what. People are going to get your intentions wrong anyway. People are going to talk behind your back anyway. You’re listening to people who have never walked in your shoes. You’re listening to people who aren’t courageous like you. Do not hold back all you have to offer.

The solution starts when you accept yourself. Accept that you cannot change anyone but you. Accept that some people won’t value you the way they should. Recognize your path is yours and yours alone.

If you were supposed to be someone else, you wouldn’t be here. Facts. It’s time to uncover, acknowledge, accept, and share the extraordinary traits about yourself. Share what you do. Give insight into how you think. Let go of the outcome and start celebrating every tiny milestone you make. 

You might lose some people along the way. It’s expected. Don’t lose yourself. You’re not doing yourself any favors by keeping yourself small. Do not hold back this time.