Marcelo Chagas

You’re Not Just My Friend, You’re My Everything

I have been trying to write our love story for as long as I can remember. 

The problem is that our love is far too grand, too unique, too spectacular to ever be captured by the simplicity of words. 

I never fit in with those who were supposed to love me. I tried rearranging the pieces, choosing a different perspective, changing the parts of me that didn’t fit, but the truth is I was always a square peg in a round hole. Always a little too this, and not enough of that. 

But with you, it is different. You are the other half that makes me whole. The day we met, our hearts collided, never again to be separated. With you, I feel infinitely loved. I will never feel the depths of loneliness so long as I find my place by your side. 

As children, we danced among the stars, sharing a secret language that no one could ever understand, laughing into the wind as it enveloped us in its embrace, cherishing a youthful innocence and glee. 

As teenagers, we learned the weight of such a friendship, leaning on each other in times of sorrow, holding hands as we braced ourselves for the unknown, learning to navigate the pressures of perfectionism. 

As adults, we have grown to lift each other up, empowering one and other to be the boldest versions of ourselves, daring each other to go beyond our imagination, finding the ways in which our lives are permanently intertwined. 

Our love knows no bounds. We have fought dragon after dragon, and yet we remain victorious. Each victory, each sigh of relief, each warm embrace, I am reminded that we are invincible. With the friendship of a woman so courageous and powerful, I am simply undefeatable. 

You, my friend, are life’s greatest gift. For you, I would climb the highest of mountains and sail the most treacherous of seas. For you, I would break down one thousand walls. For you, I would lay down my sword in the name of your happiness.  

The term friend seems lackluster in comparison to the purity and gentleness of this bond. You are my everything, my North Star, my shining light, my soulmate. There will always be other kinds of love in my life, but there will only ever be one you.

So you see, there will never be enough words to capture the innate magic of our love. It’s magic, it’s light, and it is everything that is good in this world.

I will love you endlessly, forever and always.