You’re Stronger Than You Think, You Just Don’t Believe It Yet

Do you remember those moments where you thought, “This is it.”

This is where everything ends. From here on, there will be nothing but misery. But then, a few days pass by, weeks pass by, and things have gradually improved.

You’ve gotten used to the environment, or maybe if you’re lucky, you turned things around. Now you have a new tolerance for what life can throw at you.

So, do you see?

You’re stronger than you think.

You know more than you believe.

You’re more capable than what you give yourself credit for.

So, please stop making yourself small. Please stop thinking that there’s nothing else for you out there. You just need to put on your big girl pants and tackle each problem one by one. Move slowly. There’s no need to rush. Shut down the things you previously said yes to. 

No one said that going on this journey would be easy. You need to make the hard decisions and then slowly say yes to things that feel good. And the rest, discard them. They’re just a distraction anyway. Distractions feel good in the short term but can hurt you in the long run. It won’t be easy because they’re subtle. They can appear as justified excuses in your head. 

And when you finally get rid of distractions, focus.

Focus on the things that will move the needle in your life. Go back to school. Start a new course. Hire a mentor. Do one thing at a time.

Start making yourself proud by acting with intention.

Take actions that show integrity.

You don’t have to let life make you strong. You can take over your power. You can put yourself in uncomfortable situations to make yourself stronger.

And when the worst happens, you’ll know exactly how to deal with it.