10 Best Michael Thomas White Lyrics That Will Put You In Your Feels

It’s the hair, the green eyes, the dance moves, the love songs he sings into the camera — if you’re on Tik Tok, you might know who I’m talking about. It’s Michael Thomas White.

While it seems like MTW is simply a New York City-based Tik Toker, he’s much more than that: he juggles the lifestyle of a full-time finance job as well as being a model and singer.

His songs are most than just boppy little tunes: they’ve got real lyrics about heartbreak, missing someone, and all the agony and beauty that comes from crushing on someone. Here are the best Michael Thomas White lyrics:

“Take anything you like / my heart or my time / just to be by your side / I’ll give you everything that I have.”

–“One Of A Kind”

“You’re a thorn-covered rose / that I want to hold. / Is your beauty worth the cut? / If it was, would I be enough?”

–Thorn-Covered Rose

“Wherever I go / you stay in my mind.”

-“Every Thought”

“Je ne sais quoi / it is about you / all the things you do / make me adore you.”

–“One Of A Kind”

“There’s not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could go back in time.”

-“Kiss The Pain Away”

“Oh with a face so divine / I would love you all the time.”

–“Lonely Room”

“She looks so good / it hurts so bad / like playing with a match.”

–“One Of A Kind”

“Woke up all alone in New York City / with nothing but the thought of you still with me. / Naked in between the sheets / same day going on repeat.”

–“Kiss The Pain Away”

“I don’t need you / but I want you. / You don’t call me / so I don’t call you.”

–“Dancing In The Kitchen”

“She will chew you up / and spit you out / I want the taste of her / to linger in my mouth.”

–“One Of A Kind”

He’s got determination in his eyes and stardust in his curls. Michael Thomas White is more than just a pretty face: he’s tugging on our heartstrings with these lyrics and we’re so ready to see this star be born.