10 Disturbing Disney Film Theories that will destroy your childhood

10 Disturbing Disney Film Theories That Will Destroy Your Childhood

“‘Lilo is responsible for her parents’ death because she failed to bring pudge the fish a sandwich. She says that Pudge controls the weather, which is why she gives him sandwiches, so she does so in the hopes that Pudge gives good weather. And the reason she is so obsessed was because her parents were driving when they had their accident, hitting a wet patch or a puddle which caused them to crash.” — res30stupid

“In the movie Frozen, Kristoff’s coat is made of reindeer skin. For those who are unfamiliar with or have forgotten the names of the characters, Kristoff is the man Anna dated, and Sven is the reindeer. Kristoff’s best friend is a reindeer, and he is dressed in reindeer skin. The ice harvesters must have murdered Sven’s mother, leaving a baby Sven for Kristoff to care for and the pelt for him to wear. This explains why Sven and Kristoff are so close, and why Kristoff still wears the same pelt. The smell reminds Sven of his mum.” — Goatmanthealien

“Captain Hook is actually the good guy in Peter Pan. He’s trying to stop Peter from kidnapping more children. Meanwhile Peter is keeping the Lost Boys/hostages as his own and gets upset if they ever bring up their old lives.” — obi-jawn-kenobi

“There’s a line in Be Our Guest that specifies ’10 years we’ve been rusting…’ meaning they’ve been enchanted for 10 years at that point. Chip is pretty clearly well under 10 when they break the spell and he becomes human. Which means that either the spell also froze their ages in time, or the teapot version of Mrs. Potts both conceived a teacup child (with who/what?!) and gave birth at some point. Also, there was a cupboard full of teacup children that weren’t given names that also appeared to be under Mrs. Potts’s care. What’s the deal with those kids?!” — killebrew_rootbeer

“Bambi’s mom wasn’t just killed by a hunter. She was killed by a poacher. There’s a hunting scene right before winter where the whole family escapes. That was hunting season. You don’t hear a single gunshot during the winter because it’s off season. Bambi’s mom was killed in early spring by a poacher.” — lllSnowmanlll

Cars takes place long after a war where the sapient machines wiped out their human creators.” — brak-0666

“Kai, the butler, confidant, and royal advisor in Arendelle is actually a spy. Prince Hans of the Southern Isles knows how to manipulate Princess Anna far too easily and too quickly without inside help (for example Kai most likely overheard Anna running down the halls and singing about shoving chocolates in her face; later Hans sings to Anna about chocolate fondue). Kai told Hans everything he would need to woo the naive girl who was desperate for love. It’s especially odd that Hans says, ‘No one was getting anywhere with Elsa’; a royal advisor would consult with Elsa about possible marital prospects and an insider would be able to clue Hans in. Lastly, a royal advisor would also most likely be consulted about handling Hans’s punishment…and to save his own skin and buy silence he allowed Hans to return home where he would basically face no justice.” — obi-jawn-kenobi

Aladdin is set in a post-apocalyptic future. Like, thousands of years after a nuke war – that’s why there’s advanced tech and magic, and the Genie knows all those pop culture references.” — zuberzekret

Peter Pan is a story about how you’re not supposed to trust the fay. Think about it, he spirits kids off to Neverland. Or they never have to grow up or come back home. You aren’t supposed to go with him because you lose your family. Like how you’re not supposed to follow will of the wisps.” — Shigeko_Kageyama

“Anna and Elsa’s parents sailed away in order to attend Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding in Tangled. On the return trip home it was Ursula who caused the ship wreck. I think in at least one version of this theory they actually survive by being washed ashore, where the Queen eventually gives birth to Tarzan.” — pipboy_warrior