10 (Actually Good) First Dates That Will Win Her Over

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10 First Dates That Will Win Over Intellectual Women

“There’s a museum about an hour and a half away from me that’s a psychiatric museum. It has lots of psychology information that’s pretty weird and it has medieval forms of ‘therapeutic’ techniques. I think that would be a fun first date. Weird/unique museums can either bring out the fun side in people or show how bland they are.” — pinkfreud205654

“Did this once: Went to a bookstore, looked around at the books and talked about what we had read, then we went and had a drink at a nearby bar. Then, each of us briefly got up from the table went back to the bookstore and got a book for the other person that we thought they would like. And then we discussed why we thought they would like the book over those drinks. It was really fun.” — WhoIsYerWan

“A guy actually took me to do an escape room on the first date. It was pretty cool because not only was it an activity where we had something to focus on/break the ice, but was able to gauge how we would solve problems together right off the bat. Bonus: We weren’t able to have our phones in the escape room so no distractions. Also they take a picture of your escape room group after so if the relationship worked out you have a cute pic from your first date.” — Successful-Income-22

“Something mildly competitive but mostly just fun, like going to an arcade, or one of those axe/knife throwing places, bowling or something like that. Then drinks and a bite. But really, if someone actually thought out ahead of time a plan to take me anywhere and then did it I’d be psyched no matter what we did.” — petrichor-punk

“Bowling. As I have a bit of a hard time opening up with people, when it’s just sitting across from each other the whole time. Need a bit of an activity, to loosen things up a bit. Also interesting to see if they are a sore loser, or willing to share techniques on how to do something. Just small ways, to see more about the person’s character. As opposed to eating first and wondering if the other person is putting on a front for you or not.” — LurkingAintEazy

“Somewhere public, but not crowded or organized. Like a fair or a festival where we can just walk around and chat and maybe go on a ride or play some games. I like rollercoasters so if you are close to an amusement park of some kind that’d be nice. It’s going to differ for each woman though, I’m more wild and fun-loving!” — TheTurbulentTeacher

“Putt putt! I think some type of activity with a little competition is a fun way to break the ice. Putt putt requires some skill but a lot is also luck so anyone can do it.” — summoe

“Beer followed by ghost hunting and then ending the date at 8am over crappy diner breakfast.” — SeattleCoffeeRoast

“I think watching a movie can be a great first date if you’re an introvert and you want to take it slow and be cautious. It’s the perfect way to see how you feel around each other and limits the talking. Then maybe after I’d say get some ice cream or donuts.” — Totally-trapped

“Coffee date. Getting to know each other. We’ll see if we can really get along. If we have same interest and hobbies.” — bluey_benie