10 Best Television Episodes Ever Written
Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul

10 Greatest Television Episodes Ever Written

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Black Mirror – White Christmas

“Guest starring John Hamm. This is one of the most twisted and dark episodes of Black Mirror to date.” — DontUndrstndSarcasm

Scrubs – My Lunch

“Dr. Cox accidentally infects three patients with rabies and loses it. For a show that was predominantly a comedy, that 30 minute episode had more emotion and power than 99% of any TV series.” — antrannmsusr

Game of Thrones – The Rains of Castamere

“What makes the entire episode so shocking, unforgettable, and heartbreaking is that it went against the one rule of serialized storytelling… that good must prevail. ‘The Lannisters send their regards.’ Holy shit man.” — Dr_Mobius1

Breaking Bad – Half Measures

“Jesse is on his way to kill those two drug dealers that killed his girlfriend’s brother and Walt comes zooming in and runs them over with his car and then shoots one. Such a badass episode and powerful moment for Walter White.” — jenniferlorene3

The Sopranos – Pine Barrens

“Just a phenomenal episode of one of the greatest TV series of all-time. I could watch Chrissy and Paulie arguing and busting each other’s balls as they freeze to death in the middle of the woods for hours.” — VictorBlimpmuscle

True Detective – Who Goes There

“Coupled with the fact that True Detective season one is, IMO one the best single seasons of TV ever, this episode, and the finale, always stood out. The six minute tracking shot at the end of the episode is one for the ages. I remember the first time I saw it, when the cut finally happens, and it shifts to the chopper view, I felt like I hadn’t blinked the entire time.” — Bbaftt7

Adventure Time – I Remember You

“It was one of the first episodes to demonstrate how emotionally deep the show could get. What was presented as a one dimensional villain is shown to be a victim in a horrific situation that too many people in the real world can relate to. A kid’s show shouldn’t be able to present the turmoil of dementia as poignantly as Adventure Time did. A lot of depth developed in that show after that point. Heavy topics and sad parables of real world problems. But I Remember You felt like where that started.” — mrbibs350

X-Files – Bad Blood

“It’s a funny, one off. With Luke Wilson and Patrick Renna. Mulder puts a stake through the heart of a teenage vampire/pizza delivery boy, then him and Scully realize the vampire teeth are fake, the kid is no vampire. The episode is Mulder and Scully telling each other their sides of the events ‘to get their story straight’ before having a meeting with Director Skinner. As their stories are coming to a close, Skinner announces they gotta go back and investigate because the kid came back to life and bit the coroner’s neck with his regular human teeth.” — cwade84

Brooklyn Nine Nine – The Box

“The episode is really simple but still somehow keeps your attention. There are only three characters in the whole episode and one venue. A dentist who is suspected for the murder of his co-worker is being interrogated and the whole episode takes place in one night. It’s hilarious while also intriguing. I personally think this episode is really good cause it hinges on the story and the acting (which is done marvelously especially by Sterling K. Brown) instead of fights, CGI or other things. People always say the Halloween Heist episodes of B99 are the best (they are really good) but The Box deserves more appreciation as it’s more well written and executed.” — Ultra_Chicken_3

Star Trek Next Generation – Series Finale

“It was such an amazing double episode, better than most of their movies that came out later, with fantastic plot that tied the series together and a beautiful send off to the crew.” — catch-a-stream