10 Husbands Share How They Flirt With Their Wives
Anna Keibalo

10 Husbands Share How They Flirt With Their Wives After Years Together

You shouldn’t stop flirting with your partner, just because you’re married. Your spouse deserves the same amount of attention as you gave them when you first met. Here are some real husbands explaining how they still flirt with their wives:

“I usually sneak up on her from behind and kiss her neck, give her a tight hug, and tell her something positive. Like ‘thank you for always having my back, you’re amazingly beautiful today, I love you.’ I love seeing her melt when I do that.” — Rasenkeks

“I pretend I’ve never met them before and hit on them with an up-down look and some cheesy pick-up line. Usually at the grocery store…or waiting in line at a restaurant….or anywhere in public.” — muse316

“I put myself on her calendar. I know that doesn’t sound romantic but it totally works for us. Between kids and work and just life stuff we’re always busy. If we’re not careful we never make time for each other. So years ago we set up a shared calendar. We keep all the normal stuff in there but also it’s our primary way to flirt. I’ll put ‘lunch’ on there. Or she’ll put ‘date night’ in there when she lines up her mom to babysit our kids. We have code for a lot of things we know the other likes. ‘Purple’ = I’m going to give her a back rub. We use codes like that for certain (ah-hem) shared activities so it stays generic if our kids see it. I was sitting next to her on the couch tonight and put a ‘lunch’ on there. Looked over to see her see it. She saw it. Looked at me. Gave me that smile I adore. Like I said. Not classic flirting maybe. But it works for us.” — Castaway486

“Married for fifteen years, peck her on the cheek in public in Japan. She’s Japanese. They don’t do that in public. She pretends to hate it when her mother or friends ooh and aah, but secretly she likes it.” — Sad_Butterscotch9057

“I do the laundry every week and cook a couple times a week. She eats that up!” — They_Beat_Me

“I give her nice foot massages without her asking.” — Boomstick123456

“Manual labor. I ain’t got no six pack, nor am I a model, but guys trust me when I say your woman likes to see you do manly things. Plus if you’re older like me (40ish) it gets the blood flowing better. Every time she sees me splitting wood or working a chainsaw there’s a happy wife waiting for me.” — ThrowRA0001001

“Soft suggestive comments (nothing vulgar), little lingering eye contact, and winks. Unspoken electricity between us builds. Blatant flirt: Spotless house, shirtless cooking a well prepared dinner, drinks served like a cocktail bar and evening entertainment. Genuinely no expectations, just all about doing things nice for her and I get enough pleasure from that to be honest.” — satanzhand

“I like to run my fingertips softly on her skin. It works best when I do it to her thighs.” — SKALVikings1996

“I try to flirt by not flirting at times (stuff like flowers, candy, etc. on just because days). Shopping trips, dinner dates without expectations. If I really want to flirt, I just flirt. Mainly snuggles, silly talk, bad pick up lines, butt grabs, etc.” — ptindaho