10 Old Married Couples Give Advice To Couples In Puppy Love

10 Old Married Couples Share The Secret To Long-Lasting Love

“Kindness. Don’t be short, rude, and proud. You have to live with this person the rest of your life. Always be kind. Forgive. You aren’t immune to making any of the same mistakes. You’re not as perfect as you think you are. Don’t dwell on the negative in one another. This is a bad mental path to get on. You are both imperfect. Compliment one another on your strengths. And help one another with weaknesses. Be committed. Life will change. You both will change. There is security in commitment. There is trust when you feel secure.” — Manbeard1000

“Do things your spouse enjoys, and don’t keep score. For example, my wife loves going to soccer games but I don’t, and I love horror movies but my wife doesn’t. But I still go to games with her, and she still watches horror movies with me. Support each others hobbies and interests.” — LagerLounge

“Sit down once a month and look over your finances. Always have a Master Plan on what both of you want, then work together towards that. Communication is everything. Laugh at yourself more than you laugh at them. Fight fair. Both of your families are batshit crazy: don’t hold that against each other. Little love gestures go a long ways. Hold hands in public. Save money and create wealth. Head scratches and back rubs have done more for my love life than nice dinners, new cars, and flowers. Know each other’s love language. The Rule of Five: Every five weeks, go out on a nice date; Every five months, take a weekend vacation and every five years, take a two week vacation. Compliment them when they look amazing.” — drroub

“Always remember to work on yourself, as your insecurities can easily form into blame towards your partner. ‘They’re not doing enough / they’re not making me feel special enough’ when you’re insecure and not doing anything to fix it, it won’t matter what your partner does. So always work on yourself, invite your partner to join you in your goals and the positivity from your efforts will strengthen your relationship with your partner and how you see yourself.” — Ello_Owu

“Fight the issue, not each other.” — BlackSwann0316

“Don’t stress over the little shit. You’ll get annoyed at thing you didn’t think possible, like how they organize themselves, how they load the dishwasher, difference in opinions for trivial things. Let that shit go. Think about what truly matters to you before you start an argument over your misplaced toothbrush, the color of paint to use in the living room or what’s going on in the garage at 10pm with all the swearing. This will differ a bit, but this is coming from a man that’s been married for 14 years with two kids.” — Beholder84

“Don’t talk shit about each other to your friends or family members. You’re a team. If you have a complaint and need to tell someone, be honest with your partner about it rather than telling a third party.” — ruthlessbaderginz

“Make sure you have the same life vision as your partner. You need to be in alignment on the big things.” — SeaTie

“Develop and maintain your own interests and hobbies outside of your marriage. You shouldn’t spend every waking moment together.” — murgurdurth

“Let your partner sleep. Tread lightly, and try your best to not wake them up.” — Napervillian