10 People Get Real About Their Toxic Trait (And How They Changed)
Jessica Christian

10 People Get Real About Their Toxic Trait (And How They Changed)

“I always complained to myself that I never got invited out to do anything, but I was the one who either never responded to those invites or just didn’t show up, etc. Now I always respond with at LEAST something, like hey I really appreciate the invite thanks for thinking of me but I have other plans today, maybe we can do something next weekend instead? Just saying and responding with anything so that they know I truly appreciate them thinking of me with the invites, and I have started going out more and following up on plans that are made.” — gt35r

“Lying about my accomplishments due to low self-esteem; I just bucked up and started doing things I wanted to do and was proud of. Now I don’t have to lie. If you want self-esteem, do esteem-able things.” — overlyattachedbf

“Apathy. I realized not caring isn’t cool and that I should be trying to take better care of myself in order to be able to take better care of the world.” — disorganized_crime

“Being negative and cold all the time. Always pessimistic and wasn’t nice to even my friends sometimes. After my last relationship I realized how much of my life was similar to hers, and how a lot of her negativity rubbed off on me. Since then, I’m positive 95% of the time and much nicer and kind to everyone. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!” — AcidRaining

“I have/had a habit of relating myself to people’s stories. I was really only trying to connect with the person, but sometimes it can come across as leveling. I tell myself: shut up and listen, ask questions, do not try to relate when someone is telling you about the death of their mother.” — juanstamos21

“Belittling others. Was told: ‘Man, you’re really good at making fun of other people’ and immediately thought ‘what a horrible thing to be good at.’ I have worked since then not only to refrain from putting others down but also to start lifting others up. My goal, my absolute dream, is to be known for being really good at making other people feel better about themselves.” — joboscribe

“I’m a very jealous person by nature and I feel anger and resentment when I suspect that someone I care about (friend, family, significant other, etc.) loves another person more than they love me. I was horrible to my first boyfriend, constantly trying to catch him in lies, and it’s a wonder he stayed with me as long as he did. I was motivated to change when I realized I wasn’t happy and that my ability to be happy was hinged on what another person thought of me. I went to therapy and, while I still struggle with feelings of envy and jealousy, I’m doing a lot better.” — Reptilian_Nastyboy

“Giving advice to people when they don’t ask for it. I just realized one day when someone did it to me that it is a really stupid thing to do. I still catch myself doing it but at least I’m aware and try to just shut my pie hole most of the time.” — ttothe

“I was a bit of a compulsive liar. Not anything really obscene, but little things, all the time. It came from a childhood of always having to lie to protect myself from a mentally ill parent. One day I just caught myself lying about the stupidest thing — to an Uber driver, about having a twin. I felt so dumb. I was just like– why am I doing this?? I still mess up occasionally, it sometimes just happens automatically before my brain can catch up. But I try to be really conscious about it, and I think I am slowly doing better and lying less.” — catsleuth

“I used to get really angry at people for doing ignorant things. Then I realized I’m only getting angry at myself.” — ChocolatePiano