10 People Reveal Why They Have Given Up On Love (For Now)
Toni Frost

10 People Reveal Why They Have Given Up On Love (For Now)

“I’ve given up on love because I’m tired. Tired of going out to find someone to love, tired of getting to know a new person and being comfortable enough to fall in love, tired of learning new things about this new person and whether we are compatible, tired of meeting each other’s families and getting to know a whole new bunch of people… Being single may be lonely, but I won’t be exhausted.” — Avelevanstar

“I’ve given up on love. For now. Need to repair myself so the next guy doesn’t have to do it for me.” — Beginning-Match592

“I’ve given up on love because people say they love you, but then they leave. And they never even tried to say what was wrong, what was missing, what they needed from you that they didn’t receive, or if you were asking too much of them. People don’t communicate enough.” — twinkieeater8

“I’ve given up on love as I am the only one loving, the others just need me. When they’re done, they push me away.” — gameygamer15

“I was in a 10 year abusive relationship. Unfortunately I didn’t realize until very late and then I ended it. It’s too much of a risk to meet someone again as these type of people are very manipulative and you don’t realize the cruelty they are capable of until you are trauma bonded. It’s not easier being single but it’s a lot less heartache. I thank my lucky stars every day that I got out.” — corickle

“I’ve given up on love because I’m always the one making the effort. That’s not love.” — Zeus_Hera

“The people I’m attracted to aren’t attracted to me. I guess I’d rather be alone than with someone I’m not attracted to.” — jaynuggets

“I’m not sure if I have given up yet but as time passes, I’m starting to feel that the momentary pleasures I get from being on a date or in a relationship isn’t worth the lies and heartbreak that come afterwards. I feel like I don’t want to actively put myself out there anymore because I get disappointed every time. I do often feel lonely but I can’t date casually anymore or date someone just for the label. I would rather be on my own and take the liberty of being weird and engaging in so-called unattractive behaviors as they make me happy.” — RawRamen_

“To me, the price I have to pay if I want to be in a relationship is I have to be vulnerable. And at some level I just don’t want to get hurt that badly again. I accept this, and have family, friends, work, hobbies, and things to look forward to. So while I wouldn’t say I have given up on love, I’m not looking for it and would be very wary of any new situation.” — hdhdhdhdzjursx

“I just don’t really care about it. I don’t need someone else to make me feel ‘complete’ or ‘whole.’ I can and have done that by myself. Love and marriage isn’t everyone’s goal in life.” — almaramirez1