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10 Reasons Why The Last Year Of Your Twenties Is Actually The Best

So you’re 29, huh? And you’re dreading the end of your twenties. Well, my friend, fret no more! Your twenties was a valuable journey that prepared you to enjoy life more in the third decade of your life; it only gets better from here. And these are the reasons why: 

1. You have a better grasp on how to navigate your life. You have a clearer idea of your wants and needs because of the experiences you’ve gone through in your twenties.

2. Financial independence. We’re millennials and the housing market and overpriced brunch dishes are against us, but at least we’re no longer struggling students who eat ramen every day. 

3. You have come to learn to accept yourself. Maybe you still have days where you wish you have nice curls like her or model-like legs. But over the years, as you look at the person reflected in the mirror who has gone through and survived tough things and has been loved for exactly who they are, you have come to love that person too. Because they’re strong, capable and beautiful in their own way. 

4. You feel more comfortable to do whatever works for you. Being career-focused towards a high paying job isn’t the only definition of success. You have learned that success is defined by leading a life that you are content and proud of and one that makes you happy to be alive. 

5. Your perspective on change is no longer despair. But instead, you know that you will always survive and adapt to the change that is thrown at you. 

6. Just as you’ve learned that change is constant, so is lost. To lose something or a loved one is just a natural part of life. You feel earth shattering pain and paralyzing sadness for a while. But you also know that there is sadness and pain because there is life giving love. So instead of letting loss consume you, you appreciate every moment you’ve had and let the cycle of love continue on. 

7. You don’t dwell on failed relationships or friendships anymore. Life is too short to keep negative feelings. There’s so much life can offer and you know that you really only need a handful of people you can trust and be vulnerable with to make you happy. 

8. You don’t get offended when people say things differently from your own thoughts or their constructive criticism towards you. Because you’ve matured in a way that differences in thoughts and opinions aren’t personal but instead a chance for self-development. 

9. You have more freedom with your choices. Because you know not to go by anyone’s standards nor by society’s expectations. 

10. You no longer care what other people think about you. In the way that you don’t let it affect your mental health. You have a strong sense of who you are and embrace and love yourself for it. 

As you enter your thirties, I hope you take all the chances to embrace life for all it has to offer, minus the things that may have been holding you back during your twenties. Enjoy the ride!