About Us

Welcome to Collective World—we’re so glad you’re here

Founded in 2017, Collective World is a digital community about creative self-expression and thoughtful storytelling. And it all starts with you.

Our goal is to bring together emerging writers and veteran creatives from all over the world to explore and experiment with writing together online. We’re here to listen and learn from one another, creating opportunities for creative evolution and self-discovery.

We believe stories run the world 

Every single person is creating their own, and our community aims to help you bring it to life. Here at Collective World, we aim to spark conversation, share the issues that affect our lives and create deep connections with our ideas. We often tackle coming-of-age topics such as self-discovery, dating, breaking up, mental health, identity, astrology, pop culture, spooky stories, and more.

We want to hear from you 

Collective World is a semi-open contributor network. We value writing that is fun, smart, and kind. Our contributor app will reopen in the winter of 2021, but in the meantime, you can submit your articles directly by email via submissions@collective.world.


Collective World is owned and operated by The Thought and Expression Company LLC, a pioneer in digital media since 2010. Collective World initially launched as a contributor subsection within the Thought Catalog website but was reborn in 2021 as a new website to better showcase the writing talent of the community.