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Trisha’s your resident tarot reader, rom-com lover, and horror connoisseur. She splits her time between making art and being awesome. She’s as Aries as they come.

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Trisha Bartle


Where do you draw inspiration from?

As I like to say, “content, content, everywhere.” I’ve been writing long enough that I see article and book ideas in absolutely everything. A blessing and a curse!


You’re hosting a dinner party this Friday and can invite five people. The catch: These diners can be anyone, dead or alive. You also don’t need to know them IRL. That said, who are you having over?

Just because I’ve been in a romantic mood lately, I’d want five of the coolest and most surprising people who have had secret crushes on me and that I have no idea about (but no scary people allowed.)


What was the last thing you read that moved you?

It was actually lyrics. Fellow powerhouse Callie Byrnes shared a song with me, “labour” by Paris Paloma, and it got me fired-up for hours.


If AIM was still A Thing, what would your away message be?

“Currently being too awesome for my own good. πŸ’•πŸ˜ŽπŸ’•”


What would the title of your memoir be?

101 Wild Things That Actually Happened to Me (I Promise I’m Fine)


How would your best friend describe you?

I’ve been hearing a lot of “stylish” and “cute outfits” lately from random friends and I was flattered straight into the stratosphere.


Favorite word, and why?

“Ausgezeichnet.” It’s German for amazing, awesome, outstanding, excellent. Honorable mentions that also describe me: Teetotaler, Autodidact, Philomath, Pluviophile.


If you could give one piece of advice to everyone in the world, what would you say?

Low self-esteem was an invention of the patriarchy to make women feel like they aren’t worth it and thus make them put up with far more than they should. Because you accept the love you think you deserve, and half the men in the world (at least) would be alone forever if women realized what they were actually worth. Realize you’re a gem and a treasure.


Zodiac Big Three:

Aries sun, Scorpio moon, and Pisces rising





Current Era:


User (Or Not) Of Oxford Comma:

I got used to not using it, but I’m back to the Oxford comma, baby!

Favorite Emoji:


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