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Your Perfect Fashion Aesthetic for 2023, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Baddie.

You dress to impress yourself, to feel your absolute hottest. The Baddie aesthetic is all about showing off your curves in the loudest way possible. Reach for colorful, body-hugging outfits and short short skirts.


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Light Academia.

Instead of the dark shades associated with Dark Academia, you’re more suited to the lighter shades of this library-going, nerdy aesthetic. Reach for cozy, cream-colored sweater vests and beige tweed.


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Power Clashing.

Also called Pattern Mixing, you’re perfect for bold colors and patterns and aren’t afraid to mix the two. Polka dots and stripes and brocade…Why not wear them all at once?


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Cottagecore.

You’re a sweet and emotional person with a strong connection to nature, which is perfect for Cottagecore. Reach for floral maxi skirts, mushroom motifs, and earth tones.


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Twee.

Just channel Zooey Deschanel’s Jess from New Girl. It’s a vintage vibe with colorful tights and circle skirts enhancing the classic hourglass figure. It’s winged eyeliner and curtain bangs.


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Dark Academia.

It’s the fall aesthetic that you crave. Darker autumn shades of brown and burnt orange, plaid skirts and dark turtlenecks. It’s the nerdy librarian in a dark castle vibes that fits you perfectly.


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Goblincore.

You’re just a cute little goblin living in a tree stump. Those are your core vibes, anyway. Go for an earthy green and warm browns, with lots of mushroom, frog and leaf motifs.


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Goth.

Goth is back, babe. Channel the spooky aesthetic with lots of black, skirts, ripped fishnets, and silver buckles. While there are lots of sub-aesthetics for goth, you’re perfect for the classic black clothes and thick black eyeliner of the typical goth.


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is VSCO Girl.

Are you basic? Yes. Do you just want to be comfortable? Also yes. Then reach for the bike shorts and over-sized t-shirts for a summery look in the VSCO Girl style. There’s nothing wrong with being basic and comfortable, babe.


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Skater.

You never quite grew out of your emo/skater phase, so you might as well embrace it. Don your converse high-tops, wide-leg jeans, and comfy hoodie. T-shirts and flannels? Yes, please.


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Normcore.

Think business casual, but a little more fashionable. Normcore features “basics” like a nice-fitting pair of relaxed fit slacks with a sweater tucked in. You’re not super big into outrageous fashion, so this understated aesthetic is perfect for you.


Your perfect fashion aesthetic is Kidcore.

Kidcore is the adult equivalent of all the cute clothes you wore when you were little. Overalls, friendship bracelets, backpacks shaped like teddy bears. Why leave fun clothing to just the kids? You want to have fun and do what makes you happy.