Scorpio Personality Traits, Compatibility & More

An enigmatic, mysterious physic personality with a secretive, emotional side.  

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If your birthday falls between October 23rd and November 22, you’re part of the intense, mysterious Scorpio signs.  Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign on the wheel between Libra and Sagittarius, and they are often typed as reserved and private compared to their more sociable, jovial neighbors.  Scorpio zodiac signs are often deeply intuitive, have a sharp mind, and have an almost magnetic appeal to them, but they also are protective, emotional, and dedicated to the people they love. Those who know or are close to a Scorpio know they are reserved but are much more than meets the eye once they open up.

When Scorpio season appears each year, we desire to be deeply connected to those we trust and to our inner selves. We may feel the desire to take a step back and honestly reassess the close relationships we have or to do some inner healing work—sometimes desiring a transformation of how we approach ourselves and the world around us.  

Scorpio Dates: October 23 through November 22

Scorpio Meaning in One Sentence: An enigmatic, mysterious physic personality with a secretive, emotional side.  

Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpios often have a “love them or hate them” reputation amongst the zodiac community—this fully depends on the person and what side of a Scorpio they’ve come across. Some of the most commonly associated Scorpio traits are deeply fixed, secretive, and highly perceptive. Scorpio signs know what (and who) they want out of life, and often won’t stop until they fully obtain it. They can be hesitant to be open and trusting, yet can be unmistakably loyal and devoted to the people who earn their trust over time. According to the AstroTwins, “Scorpio is the sign that rules life, death, and resurrection.”  They often focus on and embrace transformation and rebirthing into newer, more aligned versions of themselves. They can be exceptionally protective and even jealous if they feel someone or something is taking precedence or intruding in their carefully constructed life and circle. 

That being said, Scorpio signs aren’t manipulative or controlling (at least, not because they are a Scorpio). These signs take their time becoming close to others, and if they are fixated on a person, they won’t let them go without a fight. This can be reassuring to some who know a Scorpio has their back, but to others, this can come across as restrictive and smothering. Scorpios have a distinct ability to make others feel comfortable enough to open up and share important aspects of themselves, almost as if they possess a magic power. They are interested in bonding and connecting about the bigger things in life, especially more taboo topics such as death, sex, or anything that isn’t often considered “polite” conversation. They can be remarkably sensual and aren’t afraid to embrace this side of themselves when the time arises. They desire closeness but struggle to foster it unless the other person opens up first, as an act of trust and security.  This can cause an internal struggle of desiring to be vulnerable and fully open with people, yet not achieving this due to hesitancy and uncertainty about who they can trust.

Some of Scorpio’s greatest strengths include their determination, their intuition, their protectiveness, and their boldness. They often can be strategic and do not choose people, life paths, or decisions lightly. This can make them reliable amongst their friends, family, and partners, as they know the sign is often set in its way and they know what to expect. They can also be trusted confidants, as they understand and cherish the value of keeping things private. If you need someone to help you connect to your emotions while also cutting through unimportant matters to get to the root of things, you can rely on a Scorpio to help you do just that. 

On the other hand, some of Scorpio’s weaknesses can include immense jealousy, vindictiveness, and being somewhat controlling. While anyone can struggle with jealousy, Scorpios often feel a sense of entitlement to those they hold close. This is because they do not take emotional investment lightly—which can lead to feelings of jealousy if they think a person isn’t giving the amount of attention or emotion that they expect in the relationship. While Scorpios are known for trying to heal their inner wounds, if they aren’t in the healthiest emotional state, they can lean more into a vengeful state. They certainly believe in karmic retribution but prefer to have an active hand in how that is dealt—if they believe they were wronged, they won’t simply let it slide. Additionally, their fixed nature often leads them to want a great deal of control in their life (usually to circumvent the need to be vulnerable to someone else). This can be difficult in their relationships, as most people can become resentful if they feel another person is trying to exert control over who they are and what they do. Yet, a Scorpio isn’t easily swayed and won’t relinquish control unless they have no other viable options. 

Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

Scorpio may have a reputation for being a passionate, intense romantic partner, but how can one determine if they are the perfect candidate as a Scorpio soulmate? When it comes to compatibility, Scorpio signs need a person who they can fully trust, someone not intimidated by their emotional nature, and someone thoroughly loyal. They also have a soft spot for partners who don’t beat around the bush and are straightforward with them in terms of priorities, as well as those who are certain of what they want. 

With that in mind, the signs Scorpios usually gravitate towards are Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus. Cancer and Pisces are fellow water signs with a deep emotional depth and understanding that Scorpio appreciates. While each sign may approach their emotions differently, there is a sense of understanding and shared intent that makes it easier to connect (Cancer and Scorpio aren’t afraid of each other’s big emotions and they have a desire for security, whereas Scorpio and Pisces may bond more over their unique intuitive approaches to life). Taurus is on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel from Scorpio, but they share a remarkable foundation of loyalty, directness, and a clear picture of what they want in life (these two can certainly but heads in stubbornness, but are passionate when on the same page). Taurus isn’t afraid to be patient and build trust, giving Scorpio plenty of time to let their walls down and know they are secure. Scorpios are devoted and to the point, pushing Taurus to grow in a non-threatening manner. It’s also worth noting that Scorpio signs are compatible with Capricorn and Virgo, the remaining Earth signs. 

Scorpio Symbol, Animal & Birthstone


The symbol or glyph representing Scorpio is depicted as a capital letter “M” ending in a pointed tail, in reference to the Scorpion animal that represents the water sign.


As this sign’s name suggests, the animal that represents Scorpio is non-other than the scorpion. With its sharp, poisonous tail and shell-like exterior, the animal is a good representation of the defensive, reserved nature of the sign. Scorpions aren’t ones to chase or hunt down prey/opponents—they lay in wait for the opportune moment to strike, which falls right in line with the way Scorpios often approach life. Scorpios may appear intimidating, yet aren’t ones to attack or lash out unless provoked, yet the scorpion association often causes stereotypes of the sign that aren’t as flattering. Yet their power and fearlessness are part of what makes Scorpios so intoxicating to begin with.


The birthstone for Scorpio signs is Topaz. Topaz comes in different shades—the blue (and more popular) version of the stone is linked to communication and action, two fundamental traits to a Scorpio. Yellow topaz is connected to relationships and their improvement, and is even thought to help fight against jealous traits, which can be very beneficial for Scorpios who struggle to maintain their jealous emotions, 

Scorpio Element

Despite their “fiery” nature, Scorpios are actually a water sign, along with Cancer and Pisces. Water signs are often described as emotional, intense, and fairly sentimental. They tend to lean into their emotions and can be sensitive to the world around them, and are often thought to have plenty of compassion and empathy. They aren’t afraid to discuss or maneuver their emotions, which is often a huge asset in a world that portrays emotion as a weakness. Water signs are the type of person you want if you’re looking to connect on a deep level. 

Scorpio Modality

The modality for Scorpios is Fixed, along with Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo. Fixed signs are typically depicted as those who are determined and a bit set in their ways. They are the ones to hold fast to their convictions, and it takes a large amount of determination and circumstance to sway them. These signs keep things grounded and steady and are the ones you want in your corner to see things through to the very end. If you want your ideas and plans to come to fruition, you’ll need a Fixed sign on your team to ensure things stay on course. 

Scorpio Planetary Ruler

Each zodiac sign is ruled by a particular planet in the solar system—yet for some zodiac signs, multiple planets may hold rulership. In the case of Scorpio, the two planets are Mars and Pluto. In traditional astrology, Scorpio is thought to be ruled by Mars (along with the fire sign Aries). Mars is the planet of action, drive, ambition, war, and anger. While Aries embodies the planet’s fiery, ambitious, almost impulsive nature, Scorpio manifests different traits. Scorpio is certainly a sign of action, but only at the perfect time and place. This sign is intrigued by power, and has the desire to be in positions of authority and influence. They also have a relentless drive, in multiple facets, and won’t give up unless they have no other choice. Scorpio benefits from the determined, driven, powerful aspects of Mars, and embodies them well.

However, in modern astrology, Scorpio is often thought to pull ruled by Pluto. 

Pluto is the planet of rebirth, reformation, destruction, and all things taboo—very much in tune with the ideals of Scorpio. Pluto, the farthest from the Sun, takes its time to orbit and isn’t in a rush to accomplish what it desires. When it shows up in an area of life, it means business, and much like Scorpio, it won’t hesitate to tear things down to rebuild them into something better. 

Scorpio House Ruler

Scorpio signs are typically ruled by the 8th House on the astrological wheel, representing Shared Resources, Intimacy, Sex, Death, and Transformation. It’s also a house that involves all things taboo, including secrets. This house is often associated with the things that bond us to others or the things that push us to reinvent ourselves on an inner level. 

Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with Scorpio signs is the “Death” card.

Despite its ominous name, this card actually represents transformation and growth. The card depicts a skeleton in armor riding a horse with a dead man lying on the ground, which is thought to represent the shedding of an old version of yourself and letting go of the past to accept the future. The skeleton is demonstrative of what remains after transformation and is a card intent on pushing for reexamination and letting go of what holds a person back to become their best self, even if challenging to do so. Sounds pretty in line with Scorpio themes, if you ask us!

Part of The Body 

The part of the body ruled by Scorpio are the hips, reproductive system, and genitals. This association reflects the common stereotype of Scorpios being immensely sensual. However, it shouldn’t be overlooked that these parts of the body also are linked to protection and even the possibility of birth in some cases, both of which tie into Scorpio’s personality. It’s important for Scorpios to ensure they have regular health checks and exercise their hip muscles, as these parts of the body can be easily overlooked if not given intentional care. 

Scorpio Aesthetic 

When you think of a Scorpio aesthetic, you may automatically picture black clothing from head to toe—and you’re not entirely off base. Scorpio signs want to be taken seriously, and often choose clothing that makes them feel powerful. Their selections may range from minimalist and neutral to more gothic and demonstrative, but it’s important to them to curate a personal style. They enjoy looking polished and chic but aren’t afraid to embrace more “edgy” materials such as leather, latex, or even mesh—yet their inclusion is very intentional, not just something they throw on. Their power color is black, and they have limitless inclusions of the hue in their wardrobe that can work for any situation. Scorpios prefer to exude a mysterious vibe and aren’t afraid to be a bold presence in a room, no matter what they’re wearing, 

Scorpio Rising/Moon Sign

Scorpios certainly have distinct character traits in relation to their sun sign. However, some of these traits become more personalized when reflected through the rising and moon signs.

Scorpio Rising 

The rising sign in astrology is the version of yourself that you present to the world—the side of you that others see. This is also the aspect of yourself that most closely ties into your identity and your appearance. Scorpio risings often are reserved, and may even appear introverted initially. They tend to hang back in a crowd and are incredibly perceptive as they try to “feel out” others in a group.  They are often described as magnetic, and some are drawn to them, though others may find them intimidating. 

Regarding appearance, Scorpio Risings are most known for their striking, penetrative eyes. They often have sharp features and may have a strong or muscular build. The sign may move between extremes when it comes to their mannerisms—either shy and stoic or more demonstrative and bold, depending on the social circle. They enjoy one-on-one conversations and are big about eye contact as a form of establishing a connection, but they won’t be overtly affectionate unless they feel completely at ease with a person. 

Scorpio Moon

The moon sign in astrology is most closely associated with a person’s emotions and inner world. Scorpio moons are often viewed as a bit of a paradox; they are highly in tune with their emotions, yet aren’t prone to divulging them freely. This often gives many the interpretation that Scorpio moons are emotionless, cold, or distant. However, Scorpio moon signs have intense emotional needs, and may even be overwhelmed by the strength and intensity of their emotions. These moon signs are loyal and prone to sensitivity, and are deeply invested in processing their feelings privately. They often can tell if something is wrong with someone else and may even make it a habit to focus on others’ emotional situations to avoid discussing or revealing their own. 

In many cases, a Scorpio moon may best show their emotions through quality time or words of affirmation. Scorpio moons are at their best when they are able to spend plenty of time amongst those they love and when communication is open and given freely. To Scorpios, connection is of the utmost importance, as it lays a strong foundation for their emotional needs and vulnerability. 

Famous Scorpios

Some notable people with a Sun Sign in Scorpio include:

  • Hillary Clinton, former first lady, 1947
  • Anne Hathaway, actress, 1982
  • Drake, rapper, 1986
  • Katy Perry, singer, 1984
  • Emma Stone, actress, 1988
  • John Adams, 2nd president of the United States, 1735
  • James K. Polk, 11th president of the United States, 1795
  • Theodore Roosevelt,  26th president of the United States, 1858
  • Sylvia Plath, poet/writer, 1932
  • Stefano Gabbana, fashion designer, 1962
  • Calvin Klein, fashion designer, 1942
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, actor, 1974
  • Bill Gates, business magnate/philanthropist, 1955
  • Willow Smith, singer/actress, 2000
  • Kendall Jenner, model/television personality, 1995
  • Tyga, rapper, 1989
  • Lamar Odom, professional basketball player, 1979
  • Puff Daddy, rapper, 1969
  • Shailene Woodley, actress, 1991
  • Lorde, singer/songwriter, 1996
  • Emma Stone, actress, 1988
  • Ryan Gosling, actor, 1980
  • Ryan Reynolds, actor, 1976
  • Julia Roberts, actress, 1967
  • Whoopi Goldberg, actress/television personality, 1955