Pisces Personality Traits, Compatibility & More

An artistic, ever-expanding enigma with a compassionate, understanding heart.

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If your birthday falls between February 19th and March 20th, then congratulations! You’re one of the intuitive, free-flowing Pisces signs.  Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign on the wheel between Aquarius and Aries, and they are often typed as more relaxed and imaginative than their determined, driven neighbors. Pisces zodiac signs are deeply intuitive, uniquely creative, and have a wide capacity for empathy, but they also are sensitive, compassionate, and find themselves deferring to others’ perspectives and opinions. Those who know or are close to a Pisces know they can be wistful, but also hold immense complexity underneath their surface.

Pisces have tendency to create a safe and imaginative world for themselves and have vivid imaginations.

When Pisces season appears each year, we want to dream bigger, even if it sometimes feels unrealistic. We may be more aware of or open to more intuitive signs or coincidences or may feel the need to focus on some inner healing work—but ultimately, we desire to deeply connect to the world around us on more than just a physical level.

Pisces Dates: February 19th – March 20th

Pisces Meaning in One Sentence: an artistic, ever-expanding enigma with a compassionate, understanding heart.

Pisces Personality Traits

Like other “doubled” signs (those with a dual nature, like Gemini and Libra), Pisces signs are often misunderstood and underestimated. Pisces are stereotyped as childlike and even at times unrealistic, yet simultaneously are called “old souls” and are known for their immense creativity. Some of the most commonly associated Pisces traits are intuitive, dreamy, and adaptable to their circumstances. 

Pisces believe in fully experiencing life in as many ways as possible but feel drawn towards life’s ethereal and intangible aspects, perhaps more than other signs. They can be uncertain of a dedicated path to take and sometimes be too optimistic for their own good, but this allows them to leave room for the unimaginable, incredible things life has to offer. According to the AstroTwins, “Pisces people are sensitive and intuitive and can become easily overloaded by crowds or overstimulating environments.”  They love the connection with others, but can require personal space to reflect or become more in touch with their emotions. They tend to view a person or situation through rose-colored glasses, leading them to not truly see things for what they are but instead what they could be.

That said, Pisces signs aren’t nearly as gullible as some might believe. These signs are certainly ones who learn from their mistakes and are big about giving multiple chances to others, but they do have a strong wisdom that others aren’t always privy to. Like other water signs, Pisces have a knack for allowing a space for others to feel comfortable sharing about themselves, making people feel truly seen and heard. They desire to experience so many things at once, and find themselves bored with consistency. They can open up and help others at a moment’s notice, yet struggle to share their own issues or struggles for fear of burdening the people they care about.  This can cause friction within themselves, as they long to connect with others and will go to great lengths to do so, yet refuse to let others see them fully for fear of what they might think.

Some of Pisces’s greatest strengths include:

  • Adaptability: Their mutable nature and love of possibilities pair together to form a person who can easily go with the flow. Their knack for seeing things in a positive light means they will make the best out of most situations and are more than willing to change things up when life doesn’t go according to plan.
  • Intuition: They typically have a strong sense of when something is off—call it a sixth sense, call it impeccable intuition, but for Pisces, it’s a natural extension of themselves. They are so in tune with their own emotions and pick up on patterns well, which only strengthens this skill.
  • Open-mindedness: These signs understand the importance of supporting and showing up for others, which is evident in how they approach life. They love to learn and hear others’ views, and baring that they are harmful or hateful will give most people a chance to share their perspectives.
  • Empathy: Pisces deeply believe in people and possibilities and aren’t quick to dismiss them due to mistakes or setbacks. This can provide a deep sense of security between them and the people they love, as their loved ones do not feel the need to walk on metaphorical eggshells around the sign, yet this can open them up to being manipulated or taken advantage of. 

If you need someone to allow you to be your fullest self and help you brainstorm a wide range of dreams and possible outcomes, you’ll want to have a Pisces in your life.

On the other hand, some of Pisces’s weaknesses can include:

  • Poor Communication: While a lack of communication can be true for any sign, Pisces particularly struggles to say what they want or need. This can be due to a fear of judgment, an uncertainty of what they want, or not wanting to burden anyone, but not communicating leaves both Pisces and their loved ones in a tough spot, because no one is a mind reader.
  • Difficulty Committing: They can also self-sabotage themselves by refusing to leave unhealthy situations and hesitating to commit to others in various ways. Their desire to keep things open and experience the world around them can mean they struggle to make definite promises, which can cause frustration to the people around them.
  • Over-romanticizing situations: they are guilty of refusing to see a person for who they are, but instead seeing their idea of them. This can be difficult in their relationships because a Pisces won’t accept the reality of what is in front of them and will cling to the possibility of what could be instead.
  • Weaponizing their emotions: As adept as this sign is at harnessing their emotions, an undeveloped Pisces may choose to weaponize those feelings if they feel insecure or threatened. They can paint themselves as a victim and struggle to be transparent about what’s really bothering them, choosing to project their issues instead.

Pisces Relationship Compatibility 

Pisces may have a reputation for being a hopelessly romantic partner, but how can one determine if they are the perfect fit as a Pisces soulmate? When it comes to compatibility, Pisces signs need a person is open-minded to the world around them, is comfortable with their adaptability while also providing a sense of security, and a person who desires to intentionally connect on a deeper level. They also have a soft spot for partners who aren’t afraid of their emotions and embrace their enthusiasm for possibility.

With that in mind, the signs Pisces usually gravitate towards are Scorpio, Cancer, and Virgo. 

Scorpio and Cancer are fellow water signs with an unapologetic emotional depth and endurance that Pisces appreciates. While each water sign may express those emotions differently, there is a firm foundation and familiarity that they share (Pisces and Scorpio may connect more over the intangible, deep complexities of the world, whereas Pisces and Cancer may bond more over their empathy towards others and a desire to help). 

Virgo is on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel from Pisces. Still, they share a commonality in wanting to improve themselves and the world around them (Virgo approaches this practically and through direct acts, whereas Pisces prefers to be more idealistic and approaches through conversation and emotional connection). Virgo is mutable and adaptable to change but prefers a structure that helps keep Pisces grounded. Pisces are imaginative and enduring emotionally, which can help soften Virgo’s cynical nature. It’s also worth noting that Pisces signs are compatible with Capricorn and Taurus, the other two Earth signs. 

Pisces Symbol, Animal & Birthstone


The Pisces symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing duality, spirituality, and the emotional depth of this zodiac sign.

The symbol or glyph representing Pisces is depicted as two “fish” moving in differing directions, connected by a cord. It can be drawn by drawing a half-circle facing out and then a second half-circle facing the opposite direction,  concluding by drawing a line through the center.


The animal associated with Pisces is the fish—specifically, two swimming circles around each other. Like other dual-symbolized signs, Pisces often face an inner struggle of being so in tune with their emotions and the inner world while simultaneously trying to “escape” the pressure that intuition brings. The connection between Pisces and fish shouldn’t be overlooked either—Pisces love to fully immerse themselves in ever-shifting, changing waters. Additionally, the connection of fish to water is a perfect metaphor for how Pisces engage with emotional and spiritual realms—naturally. 


The birthstone for Pisces signs is Aquamarine. As the name suggests, this stone’s colors are related to the sea, coming in shades of blue and blue-green. Aquamarine is typically associated with calming traits and is considered to be soothing and uplifting to those who wear it, which comes in handy for Pisces that overthink or keep themselves constantly overwhelmed with possibility. In some Greek mythology contexts, it was thought to be a lucky stone for sailors with the ability to harness water to be calm and smooth sailing—ideal for this water sign. 

Pisces Element

Pisces are a water sign, along with Scorpio and Cancer. Water signs are often described as having strong emotional depth, strong intuition, and being sensitive at times. They typically are more comfortable maneuvering the emotional realm and are thought to have plenty of compassion and empathy. While these signs value logic, they also believe emotion is valuable, which is a huge asset in a world that portrays it as a weakness. Water signs are the type of person you want if you’re looking to connect on a deep level. 

Pisces Modality

The modality for Pisces is Mutable, along with Sagittarius, Gemini, and Virgo. Mutable signs are described as easily adaptable and can be flexible in a variety of situations. They tend to keep things moving and aren’t highly interested in where things start or how they end—for these signs, it’s all about the journey (though they have varying perspectives on what that means). These signs work exceptionally well as problem solvers because they can view things from multiple perspectives. If cardinal signs are the initiators and fixed signs are the ones to see something through, mutable signs are the ones that keep things moving even when the plan veers off course. If you need someone to help you figure out a situation through multiple lenses, you’re in good hands with a mutable sign.

Pisces Planetary Ruler

Each zodiac sign is ruled by a particular planet in the solar system—yet for some zodiac signs, multiple planets may hold rulership. In the case of Pisces, these planets are Jupiter and Neptune. In traditional astrology, Pisces is thought to be ruled by Jupiter (along with the fire sign Sagittarius). Jupiter is the planet of abundance, growth, luck, and expansion. While Sagittarius embodies the planet’s fiery, excitable, adventurous nature, Pisces manifests different traits. Pisces is certainly a sign that enjoys growth, yet their desire to do so can easily be done by being more introspective. This sign is intrigued by the ability to broaden their horizons, but may be just as keen to do so through connection to other people, not always by physically going somewhere else. Pisces benefits from the open-minded, outside-the-comfort-zone energy that Jupiter is known for, and isn’t afraid to embrace those aspects fully.

However, in modern astrology, Pisces is thought to pull ruled by Neptune. 

Neptune is the planet of illusion, imagination, and the spiritual realm—very much in tune with the ideals of Pisces. Neptune is often tied to the supernatural and striking intuition, but at times can also be seen as a planet that makes things more cloudy and uncertain. When people refer to Pisces as “delusional,” it’s linked to the effects of Neptune—when it shows up in an area of life, it may push for a person to rethink their perspectives and even see things in a softer light. This can be beneficial, but can also become quite easy to disappear into a daydream or rose-colored glasses mindset.

Pisces House Ruler

Pisces signs are typically ruled by the 12th House on the astrological wheel, representing Dreams, Desires, Secrets, and All Things Hidden. This house is often misunderstood, given its theme of dealing with things that are subconscious or not tangibly in front of us in one way or another. It reflects the things we bury deep within us, which we only engage with after doing plenty of introspection. 

Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with Pisces signs is the “Moon” card.

This card is usually linked to themes of the subconscious and idealism—not a surprise for a card associated with Pisces. The card depicts a dog and a wolf both howling at the moon (that glows over a body of water with a tower on each side), while below, a crustacean emerges from a body of water. The dog and wolf are imagined to be the two sides of ourselves, one wild and one tame, and how they exist together. The crustacean emerging from the water is indicative of us “emerging” with our subconscious and becoming more aware of what is around us. The Moon card usually appears when something isn’t quite right and represents intuition. Sounds pretty in line with Pisces themes, doesn’t it?

Part of The Body 

The part of the body ruled by Pisces is the feet. As the last sign of the zodiac, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the last part of the body would be linked to this sign. The feet are often associated with following a path and can easily make it challenging to move forward. Pisces may be prone to foot pain and should be aware of potential injury to their feet.

Pisces Aesthetic/Style

When describing the Pisces aesthetic, words such as “nostalgic” or “bohemian” may come to mind. Pisces signs want to be comfortable and unrestricted and prefer clothing that allows them to achieve both. They are very intentional about their clothing choices and are very likely to use them to reflect their specific mood. They enjoy incorporating romantic, dreamy vibes into their outfit—think floral patterns, crochet fabrics, and vintage styles—yet will certainly ensuite a fashionable element is included. Their power color is seafoam green, and they incorporate it and other water tone-hues into their wardrobe. Pisces prefer to come off as approachable, relaxed, and free-flowing and aren’t afraid to experiment with those ideals from time to time. 

Pisces Rising/Moon Sign

Pisces certainly have distinct character traits in relation to their sun sign. However, some of these traits become more personalized when reflected through the rising and moon signs.

Pisces Rising 

A Pisces Rising is a sensitive, empathetic and imaginative individual who may appear dreamy and mystical to others.

The rising sign in astrology is the version of yourself that you present to the world—the side of you that others see. This is also the aspect of yourself that most closely ties into your identity and your appearance. Pisces risings often are friendly and easy-going upon first approach. They tend to be subtle and aren’t the most aggressive, opting to try  “feeling out” others before fully engaging with them.  They are known to be kind, a little elusive, and very accepting of a wide range of people. If you’ve ever thought, “that person really wears their heart on their sleeve,” you very well may have encountered a Pisces Rising!

Pisces Risings are most known for their soulful eyes. They can have smaller proportions and may be on the shorter side. The sign may be perceived as shy and soft-spoken, though this may change over time. They enjoy one-on-one conversations and are prone to adjust their approaches based on what they can sense another person is comfortable with.

Pisces Moon

Pisces moons are sensitive, empathetic, and in tune with their emotions, often embracing vulnerability and seeking a deeper connection with others.

The moon sign in astrology is most closely associated with a person’s emotions and inner world. Pisces moons are pretty transparent regarding their feelings, with some exceptions. They can be proline to sensitivity and are very in tune with what they are feeling at any given time. This often gives many the interpretation that Pisces moons are overly emotional and lack logic, though this isn’t necessarily the case. Pisces moon signs fully embrace the power of emotion, which can sometimes place them in a position of becoming overwhelmed by intense feelings—theirs or those around them. These moon signs are profoundly empathetic and are big about showing solidarity with what another is going through.  They can tell if something is wrong with someone else and may even shift to focus on the other’s emotional well-being while withholding their own as a method of coping with the amount of feelings they experience. 

In many cases, a Pisces moon may best show their emotions through quality time or words of affirmation. Pisces moons are at their best when they believe they are part of something bigger than themselves and have helped someone in the process. To Pisces, being authentic and vulnerable are the only genuine ways to walk through life, and they strive to do that daily. 

Famous Pisces

Some notable people with a Sun Sign in Pisces include:

  • John Travolta, actor, 1954
  • Millie Bobby Brown, actress, 2004
  • Bad Bunny, rapper, 1994
  • Rihanna, singer, 1988
  • Olivia Rodrigo, singer/actress, 2006
  • Trevor Noah, comedian/talk show host, 1984
  • Sidney Poitier, actor, 1927
  • Sophie Turner, actress, 1996
  • Elliot Page, actor, 1987
  • Drew Barrymore, actress and talk show host, 1975
  • Elizabeth Taylor, actress, 1932
  • Justin Bieber, singer, 1994
  • Lupita Nyong’o, actress, 1983
  • Jon Bon Jovi, singer, 1962
  • Daniel Craig, actor, 1968
  • Camila Cabello, singer, 1997
  • Carrie Underwood, singer, 1983
  • Simone Biles, Olympic medalist, 1997
  • Bruce Willis, actor, 1955
  • Emily Blunt, actress, 1983
  • Catherine O’Hara, actress, 1954
  • Shaquille O’Neal, basketball player, 1972
  • Stephen Curry, basketball player, 1988
  • Lauren Graham, actress, 1967
  • Dakota Fanning, actress, 1994