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How A Highly Sensitive Person Loves Differently

A highly sensitive person loves differently because they perceive the world so very differently from the typical person. For the highly sensitive person, the human condition is a much more intense, more vibrant, and more painful experience because whatever the highly sensitive person is feeling, they will feel it deeply. There is no such thing as a muted emotion for them. Either they are feeling everything or they are feeling nothing, and there is absolutely no in-between.

A highly sensitive person is intimately aware of the world around them. They can pick up on the energy of a room the very second they step foot into it. The highly sensitive person can not only read someone’s mood but feel whatever it is they’re feeling along with them.

Because of this great sensitivity, the highly sensitive person can easily become overwhelmed. It can be truly exhausting to feel everything so deeply after all. During these moments of overwhelm, they tend to shut down because they don’t know how else to turn down the dial on their feelings other than to turn them off completely. Please be patient with them when they do this because they’re doing the best they can to manage, and it’s nothing personal. They just need some time alone to recharge.

Just know that when they are ready to come out of their shell, the highly sensitive person will do whatever they can to make you feel loved and cared for. They will quite literally do anything for you.

If you’re loved by a highly sensitive person, please know how lucky you are. Because when they love you, they love you with everything they are and everything they have. If they’re in a relationship with you, they are all in. And in today’s world, that is so rare. Cherish them, hold them close, and don’t let them go.