Vanessa Garcia

The Romantic Connection Each Birth Month Yearns For

Although you might not want to admit it, these are the kinds of romantic connections that you crave.


You’re always the bold one when it comes to relationships and you’re known for going for what you want. That’s why you secretly wish someone would do the same for you. You want someone who sees you and immediately knows that they want to win your heart. It certainly would feel nice to feel chased for a change, huh?


You want the kind of romance where you’re swept off your feet. The idea of your partner insisting that you relinquish all control to them is kind of hot, to be honest. And if you can actually trust them in this scenario without worrying about? Yeah, that’s relationship gold.


You dream of finding someone who can pick you up and throw you around. But, you know, in a sexy way. All those steamy scenes heating up the pages of saucy romance novels? Yeah, you dream of living that scenario in real life. And hey, if anyone is strong enough to go for it, it’s you. Live the sexy life you’ve always wanted.


Because you often hold so many things in, you need a connection with someone who is emotionally mature. If their EQ is through the roof, your heart will be firmly in the clouds. Sure, you might have a hard time actually showing them how much you like how easily they share their emotions, but they’ll likely understand it without you even having to.


Companionship is where it’s at. You crave falling in love with your best friend, but that’s no secret. What you don’t always tell people is that you sometimes miss the romance that happens when you’re swept off your feet. Let your best-friend-turned-partner know that you want some spontaneous date nights and you’re well on your way to that dream.


You’re romantic as hell, which often means that you’re always the one doing the wooing. You find yourself in imbalanced relationships where you do the work to make your partner feel special and that same energy isn’t reflected back. You secretly want to date someone who’s just as much of a sappy romantic as you. Basically you want to live the fun honeymoon, but 24/7 and indefinitely.


You’re sick of always getting hurt and often spend more time thinking about your evil exes than you probably should. That’s why you secretly crave a simple summer fling. Maybe you could find someone hot while on vacation to make sure it doesn’t go any further than five great days together. Now, will you actually go for that kind of romantic fling? Signs point to no.


You just want someone who will both let you plan everything but will also have opinions when you ask them where they want to go for dinner. An active partner, but who doesn’t mind relinquishing control to you. You know in your heart that this isn’t the power play that it sounds like, but you keep it to yourself because…yeah, it doesn’t sound great.


You’re looking for someone who will treat you like a delicate flower. They can hold your heart in their hands and never bruise it. After all, you’re sensitive and bruise easily. But you keep this to yourself because you feel it’s way too unrealistic to want. Is it, though? Thinking it’s unrealistic to be with someone who cherishes your feelings is actually manifesting the wrong thing for you, I’m afraid.


You wish that love could just find you. You wouldn’t have to do any work to find it. You’d just be at the bookstore one day and you bump hands as you both reach for the same book, meet-cute style. Which means you probably put little to no effort into dating apps, much to the annoyance of the friends who just want to see you happy. But sometimes rom-com love happens in real life–why shouldn’t it happen to you?


Everyone you try to date never quite measures up. They just aren’t smart enough–they don’t have the sharp wit to go toe-to-toe with your sass. That’s why you’re always fantasizing about the person who gives you a run for your money. You’re not looking for an “opposites attract” scenario. You basically want to date yourself.


Honestly, you wish you could put more work into finding someone. You don’t like when it feels too easy. It’s almost as if they’re not right for you if they just fall in your lap. But you keep this to yourself because it’s mighty annoying to everyone else to hear about how easy it usually is for you to find someone who’s enamored with you.