4 Zodiacs Who Are Suckers For Romance Novels And Rom-Coms

4 Zodiacs Who Swoon Over Romance Novels And Rom-Coms

Some zodiacs are natural born romantics. They’re in love with the idea of love and will live vicariously through their favorite characters. Here are some signs who are suckers for romance novels and rom-coms:


This sign dreams of being in a passionate, romantic relationship with the love of their life. They feed off of other people’s emotions, so they also love watching other people fall in love. They’re the type of person who cries when they catch strangers getting engaged or watch their favorite TV couple recite their vows. Plus, they are imaginative. They appreciate film, television, and books because they love a good story. When they’re going through a rough patch, they want to get swept away from their real life and live vicariously through their favorite characters. It doesn’t matter if they’re the ones who are falling in love or they’re just watching it happen. Either way, they’re a sucker for romance.


Libras want to be swept off their feet by the love of their life. They want to live out a fairytale romance. Since they are so charming, most of the time they’re in a relationship or are recovering from a relationship. Either way, they’re always in the mood to watch rom-coms and read romance novels. Even when their hearts are broken, they stay optimistic. They still believe that the right person is out there for them. They never give up on the idea of finding their person, which is why they are drawn to romance. Maybe they haven’t met the right one yet, but they can enjoy watching others experience the type of love that they have been daydreaming about for years.


Leos have high standards. They expect their partner to spoil them rotten and treat them like royalty. They love romance novels and rom-coms because the romantic gestures in them are so extravagant and over the top. It’s exactly the type of romance that Leos are craving. Even though some people might believe that love like that is unrealistic and only exists on the movie screens, Leos are confident that they can find someone willing to go all the way for them. Someone who will make them as happy as their favorite fictional couples. Leos aren’t going to settle for less than they deserve, so they are going to find their big movie romance one way or another. Anything less won’t cut it.


Cancers are romantics. They dream of connecting with someone who gets them, who supports them, who sticks by their side through it all. They love reading and watching romances because they don’t always experience that type of love in their real life. They’re always the ones doing more, the ones putting the most effort into the relationship. Even though they’re happy to be there for their partner, they wish that they would get spoiled for a change. They wish that they could experience the type of love that their favorite characters experience. Maybe one day they’ll find that for themselves – but until they do, they’ll enjoy it from afar.