Leo Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility & More

A fierce, protective warrior who will do anything to keep their loved ones safe.

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If your birthday falls between July 23 and August 22, then you’re an ambitious, loyal Leo. Leos are the fifth sign on the zodiac wheel, placed in between Cancer and Virgo. Compared to their neighbors, Leos are much more outgoing and courageous. The Leo sign is unafraid to speak their mind. They blurt out whatever they’re thinking as soon as it pops into their head because they believe their opinions are worth hearing. This confidence helps them stay ambitious and dedicated to their dreams. Anyone with a Leo birthday knows they have what it takes to succeed, so they refuse to give up on themselves. They stay determined and persistent, despite what obstacles stand in their way.

When Leo season occurs each year, all of the signs will feel a surge in confidence. It’s the best time of year to start a new project, apply for a new position, or make the first move in a budding relationship. This season will propel you closer to your dreams because Leos are all about success. They never settle for less than the best in relationships, in friendships, or in their careers because decent isn’t good enough for them. The Leo zodiac sign always holds out for what they deserve, even when others are warning them to stop being so picky.

Leo Dates: July 23 to August 22

Leo Meaning In One Sentence: A fierce, protective warrior who will do anything to keep their loved ones safe.

Leo Personality Traits

The Leo personality is complex. Although they have a selfish side and always prioritize their own needs, they will help anyone who asks for assistance. They are generous with their time and their hearts. They aren’t going to leave loved ones hanging because they enjoy teaching others, solving problems, and giving pep talks. A Leo is the perfect person to have in your corner when you’re struggling because they will remind you that you have what it takes to succeed and will build your confidence back up. Leos have a jealous side, but they won’t let that jealousy get in their way of supporting others. They want everyone to succeed. Not just themselves.

One of a Leo sign’s biggest strengths is their reliability and consistency. Even though they know how to have a good time, they are mature and responsible when it comes to their careers and relationships. Their ambition keeps them focused. They have huge dreams and the only way to reach those dreams is by putting in the hours and the effort. Leos can be impatient at times, but since they are determined to reach their goals, they aren’t going to stop midway through a task. They will keep going. They will stay persistent, even when others are doubting their capabilities. All that matters is that they know they can handle this.

One of a Leo sign’s biggest weaknesses is their ego. They are perfectionists who want to be the best at everything, so they will panic when they aren’t seeing the results that they were hoping to see. Leos get jealous easily because they want to be the smartest in the room. They want to be the funniest, the most attractive, and the most talented. Even though they are confident and know their worth, it hurts to see others achieve what they wish they could. Of course, they will never show that jealousy on the outside. They will only be supportive and encouraging to your face. Overall, Leo traits are mostly positive, but they have their flaws like everyone else.

Leo Relationship Compatibility

When it comes to relationships, Leos are as loyal as they come. They would never cheat on a partner or purposely try to make them jealous because they have too much respect for their relationships. They take their commitments seriously and would never want to hurt someone they love. Leos are a sweet, protective sign, so they will put active effort into making their partner happy — as long as their person does the same. Leos have incredibly high standards for their partners and expect to be spoiled rotten. The bare minimum will not cut it for them. However, they always reciprocate romantic gestures. They pay close attention to their partners and plan elaborate dates in order to make their person feel valued and appreciated.

Leos are most compatible with fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, because they are passionate and spontaneous too. Leos won’t last with a partner who needs to stick to a strict routine. Although they are consistent, they are big fans of adventure. They need an unpredictable partner who will keep things fresh and interesting long into the relationship. This is why air signs are another great option when looking for a Leo soulmate. Geminis, Libras, and Aquarius all have high energy and open minds, so they will be able to keep up with a feisty Leo. Their relationship will stay fun and interesting, even years down the line, because both parties will be putting in an equal amount of effort.

Leo Symbol, Animal & Birthstone

Leo Symbol

The Leo symbol is simple to draw. It consists of a small circle and a wavy line extending from the top of that circle. In order to draw this symbol, start by creating a circle with a small line on top that looks similar to a hollow music note. Then add a curved line going down and to the right, and you’re done!

Leo Animal

Leos are represented by lions because they are fierce, courageous, and loyal. If someone hurts their loved ones, there will be trouble. Leos are fearless, so they won’t run away from conflict. They will speak loudly and proudly. Another reason lions are known as the Leo animal is because they make strong leaders. They never look for guidance from others because they can figure out solutions on their own. They are clever, perceptive, and adaptable enough to problem solve on their own.  

Leo Birthstone

The Leo birthstone is the Peridot, which is also known as chrysolite. This is a deep yellowish-green gem that is also known as the study stone. This is because it’s associated with focus, purpose, and wisdom. Since Leos are natural leaders who think on their feet and always have a plan, this is the perfect birthstone to represent their intelligent, curious nature.

Leo Element

Leos are grouped under the fire element, along with Aries and Sagittarius. Fire signs are known for being daring, emotionally strong, and creative. They make wonderful friends and partners because they always keep relationships fresh and exciting. However, these signs also have short tempers. They might blurt out words that they regret in the heat of the moment because their impulsivity makes it hard for them to think through the consequences of their actions. They act now and worry about the fallout later.


Leos are a fixed sign, just like Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Fixed signs are hardworking, courageous, and independent. They aren’t afraid to put effort into their careers and relationships because they understand that success requires hard work — and they know the only person they can rely on is themselves, so they aren’t going to expect others to do the work for them. Fixed signs are self-sufficient and can take care of themselves. At the end of the day, you can always count on them because they are responsible, dependable, and never break a promise.

Planetary Ruler

Leo’s ruling planet is the sun. This bright star is associated with an equally bright, bold sign. Leos have high energy and huge aspirations. They always follow their passions and never give up on themselves, no matter how long it takes to reach their dreams. The sun’s influence can also cause this sign to be self-involved, but that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean they’re heartless. It simply means they’re prioritizing themselves because they love and respect themselves. 

House Ruler

Leo signs are typically ruled by the fifth house in the astrological wheel, representing creativity, romance, and entertainment. This house represents self-expression and the way that you see yourself. It encourages you to consider what type of person you are and want to be. Although Leos never let societal pressures convince them to change their paths, they care about their reputations. They want the world to see them the way they see themselves — as strong and fierce.

Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with Leo is Strength, which is represented by a woman stroking the forehead of a lion. This card represents courage, persuasion, influence, and compassion when it is placed upright, which makes sense since Leos are one of the fiercest signs in the zodiac. They never let fear stand in their way, and since they are natural leaders, they are able to influence the people around them. In most situations, they’re in charge. They aren’t followers. They’re the boss.

Part of the Body

The parts of the body ruled by Leo are the heart and the spine. These are two areas that are associated with emotional strength and endurance. After all, Leos are always standing tall. They have a stiff spine and stand up for what they believe in. They never back down from a challenge and always stick to their morals. Leos aren’t going to tolerate disrespect, whether it is aimed at them or someone near them.


Leos love being the center of attention, so as much as they appreciate fashion, they won’t want to be caught wearing the same exact outfit as anyone else in the room. They want to be one of a kind, which is why they love to mix and match pieces. They won’t shy away from wearing bright colors and loud textures because it will give their look even more flare. Their power color, which embodies and highlights their personality, is orange. This is one of the boldest colors that makes them stand out from the crowd — and that’s exactly what a Leo wants to do.

Leo Rising/Moon Sign

Leo Rising

If you’re a Leo rising, you are theatrical and entertaining. You enjoy being the center of attention and command every room that you enter. You are also friendly and warm, which is why you get along with pretty much everyone. Although others might be intimidated by you in the beginning, you always have kind words to say about them. You are a natural leader who delivers inspirational pep talks and gives sincere compliments. You see the potential in others, and you try to help them succeed in whatever way you can.

Leo Moon

If you’re a Leo moon, you are bold, brave, and respectful. But you demand the same type of respect that you are always giving to others. You have high standards that you refuse to alter for anyone because you understand your worth. You move through the world with confidence and grace. You also have expensive taste and prefer to surround yourself with lavish furniture and items. This is because you aren’t comfortable settling in any area of your life, whether it’s your relationships or your living situation.

Famous Leos

Some notable people with a Sun Sign in Leo include: 

  • Jennifer Lopez, singer, 1969
  • Ben Affleck, actor, 1972
  • Meghan Markle, actress, 1981
  • Martha Stewart, businesswoman, 1941
  • Anna Kendrick, actress, 1985
  • Chris Hemsworth, actor, 1983
  • Viola Davis, actress, 1965
  • Mila Kunis, actress, 1983
  • Daniel Radcliffe, actor, 1989
  • Sandra Bullock, actress, 1964
  • Helen Mirren, actress, 1945
  • Mick Jagger, singer, 1943
  • Maya Rudolph, actress, 1972
  • Vivica A. Fox, actress, 1964
  • Jason Momoa, actor, 1979
  • Jennifer Lawrence, actress, 1990
  • Madonna, singer, 1958
  • Tom Brady, athlete, 1977
  • Cara Delevingne, model, 1992
  • Matt LeBlanc, actor, 1967
  • Lisa Kudrow, actress, 1963
  • Laurence Fishburne, actor, 1961