4 Most Dependable Zodiac Signs

We all need someone we can count on in the good times and the bad.

Got a promotion at work? This person will pop champagne and cheers with you. Recovering from burnout? This person will curl up on the couch and watch a movie with you. Saying goodbye to a long time love? This person will dry your tears, apply your eye shadow, and help you find yourself again.

Does someone specific come to mind? It’s likely they’re one of the following four zodiac signs. These are the most dependable zodiac signs; the ones you can rely on; the ones you can trust deeply; the ones that stay loyal for years to come. If you have one of these signs in your life, be sure to keep them around and share your appreciation for them because they 100% have your back.


Taurus individuals are true earth signs as they are grounded and known to be one of the most stable, dependent zodiac signs out there. They are patient; taking their time when making big life decisions and choosing carefully who they want close to their heart. However, once those decisions are made, a Taurus is steadfast and fully committed.

If you have a Taurus close to you in life, you are always in good hands because they will never turn their back on you and are always someone you can turn to.


A Cancer’s emotional nature is what makes them incredible friends and partners. They can empathize with others like no other which inflicts their loyal, protective essence over the people they love. If you have a Cancer in your circle, they will look out for you like family. Cancers can get a bad reputation because of their moody and guarded nature, but this is only because they are so connected with their feelings and the world around them that they need to preserve their bleeding heart.

If you find yourself lucky enough to know a Cancer on a close level, keep them near always. They are a special sign that loves hard and never lets go.


Some may be surprised that Leo made this list as they are often known to be a very self-interested and egoistic sign, but don’t let that fool you. There is a reason Leos are represented by the lion and that is because they fiercely love those in their pride. Leos are loyal to a fault and more generous than most. They love to spoil those around them almost as much as they love being spoiled. Their love for the people they hold dear runs very deep and they are sure to have your back if you ever need them. While their confidant, determined nature can make them stubborn at times, it means they are also always ready to help you out and solve whatever issues need fixing.

If you find yourself tied to a Leo, you will always sense an unwavering amount of love and protection.


Well-known for their selflessness, those with their Sun in Pisces care about those in their life even more than they care about themselves sometimes. Pisces are compassionate, empathetic, and sentimental souls that love their friends, family, and partners admirably. They are always eager to help those around them and express their care in the most nuanced, creative ways.

Having a Pisces close to your heart is a true blessing because they are sure to look out for you for life; just be sure to do the same for them.