5 Most Generous Zodiac Signs

Although sometimes it seems like a dog-eat-dog world where everyone is out for themselves and treats everyone else like dog food begging to be devoured, this is thankfully not true.

Human behavior runs along a wide spectrum between Santa Claus and Scrooge, between philanthropists and misers. Although there is no shortage of self-interested back-stabbers who will bleed you dry of everything you own if you let them, there are also plenty of charitable, benevolent, altruistic, and downright big-hearted people out there.

One can show generosity through material gifts, through spending time with someone when they really can’t afford to, or through simple thoughtful acts of compassion.

Here are the five zodiac signs most likely to be givers rather than takers.

1. Leo

Generosity is the one area—and trust me, there’s only one area—in which the Lion doesn’t let their gigantic ego get in the way. They can be so generous that it almost seems surreal—“Oh, you’re coming to Chicago in the middle of winter and don’t have a place to stay? Well, I live in a one-room studio with a mattress, but it’s fine—I’ll sleep out in the snow!” And they will actually sleep out in the snow. If they sense you really need it, they will let you have the last slice of pizza, the last piece of cake, literally give you the shirt off their back, and stuff their last dollar in your pocket. Sometimes it almost feels like too much. They don’t expect anything in return and will often refuse your attempts at reciprocal generosity almost as if you’re insulting them.

2. Aquarius

As free-thinking introverts who are also intensely socially minded—it sounds like a contradiction, but it really isn’t—Aquarians use their generosity as part of a larger scheme to build a more equitable world. The very fact that they stand out from the crowd allows them to see the bigger picture and, piece by piece, nudge the present along toward a brighter future. As highly intellectual air signs, they use their minds to help you. No one will offer more unique and imaginative solutions to your problems than an Aquarius. Once you’re a fixture in their constellation, they go out of their way to make sure you’re OK. But you need to realize that you are only one among many stars in the sky that they are helping.

3. Capricorn

Once you find yourself with a Capricorn who cares about you, you’ll realize they have an uncanny ability to discern what you need without you ever needing to ask them—and they will keep giving it to you for the rest of your life. When they find out what you like and/or need, they will absolutely bombard you with it. Whether it’s a foot rub, a hot bath, or a long-overdue cleaning and disinfecting of your entire work space from top to bottom and side to side, they can sense you need it even before you do. And since it’s not really generosity in its purest sense if they expect something in return, they will never remind you of all the things they’ve done for you.

4. Sagittarius

Sags are one of the happier signs, and they want to share that happiness with the world. Their generosity is most amply displayed when it comes to sharing their precious time with you. No matter how busy they may be, they will find a way to respond to you when you send out the distress signal. Even if they’re at the hospital during an around-the-clock vigil with a loved one who is severely ill, they will carve out a few minutes to return your call and listen to your problems. But since they are also generous with their loved ones, they’ll stay in the hospital room keeping an eye on them while they listen to your complaints, regardless of how trivial they are. If you find yourself in a friendship with someone who is an around-the-clock unpaid mobile psychiatrist, chances are it’s a Sagittarius.

5. Pisces

As a water sign with deep intuition and vast reserves of compassion, Pisces feels your pain maybe even more than you do. But the fact that they are basically a living, breathing Empathy Sponge can make them a little too soft for their own good. Their expansive kindness especially applies to loved ones, even if those loved ones don’t deserve it and take advantage of their generosity. Pisces is the only sign on this list that can be fairly described as generous to a fault, where their unchecked benevolence can spill over into enabling behavior. To live a balanced life, they need to be a little more generous with themselves.