6 Signs He’ll Give You The Bare Minimum (Based On His Texts)

You don’t want to settle for a bare minimum relationship. Luckily, it’s possible to weed out the wrong people early on. You just need to know which signs to keep an eye out for. Here are some signs he’ll give you the bare minimum, based on his texts:

He repeats the same set of questions and answers every time you talk. Texting him is like texting a robot because you’re always asked the same question (like what’s up) and are always given the same responses. He never comes up with anything new to say and expects you to lead the conversation. It can take some people a while to open up, and some people are bad texters in general, but if you’re forced to carry every single conversation and he’s barely contributing more than one or two words, then the relationship probably won’t be balanced either.

He flips out when you aren’t responding (but takes forever to respond to you). If he’s busy, it makes sense that he won’t be able to answer you right away. But he shouldn’t be holding you to standards that he can’t reach himself. He shouldn’t be annoyed when you take an hour to answer because you’re at work or with your friends, even though he never answers in a timely manner either. If he’s expecting you to rush to his side whenever he calls, but is unwilling to do the same for you, then the relationship is already one-sided.

He’s non-committal when it comes to setting plans. He talks a big talk about all the places he wants to bring you and things he wants to do with you, but he never follows through. He never names an actual time and place. Basically, he’s making promises that he has no intention of following through on because he wants to keep you happy while not actually doing a damn thing at all.

He only responds when you text first or ask a direct question. He is never the one to reach out to you. You’re always initiating the conversation. And if you don’t ask him a specific question, there’s a chance he’s going to let the conversation die. He’ll only really answer if you’re making it hard for him to ghost.

He only messages you over apps. If he doesn’t even message you over the phone because that’s too much work, there’s a problem. You shouldn’t be someone who only pops into his mind after he sees a hot picture you’ve posted on Instagram. If that’s the case, then they’re probably not as invested in the relationship as you are.

He does all the talking in the conversation. Even though barely talking is a red flag, talking too much can be a bad sign too. Especially if he’s only talking about himself and his life. It he isn’t asking you any questions or checking in on how you’re doing, and is only using you as a way to vent his frustrations and brag about his accomplishments, then there’s a problem. He should be interested in what you have to say too. The conversation shouldn’t be all about him.