Taylor Thompson

4 Birth Months Who Show Love Through Actions, Not Words

It’s always nice to hear those three little words. But some people are going to express their feelings with sweet gestures more often than they’re going to gush about how much they care about you. Depending on your love language, this could be exactly what you want — or the last thing you need. Here are some birth months who are most comfortable expressing love through their actions, not words:


People born in January are consistent. They aren’t going to be hot and cold with you. They will treat you right one thousand percent of the time, so you will never have to wonder where they stand. Even if they aren’t complimenting you, you will know they love you by the way they look at you, by the way they treat you, by the way they spoil you rotten. They are going to do everything within their power to make sure that you feel happy and comfortable in the relationship, even if it means putting in a ton of effort. They don’t mind doing the work because they believe you are worth it. They might not tell you how much they care, but anyone can see they’re wild about you from a mile away.


People born in February usually keep their feelings to themselves. They don’t want to give anyone the power to hurt them, so they pretend that they care less than they actually do. But even though they might not speak their love aloud, their actions will make their feelings obvious. When they care about someone, they are going to set aside a huge chunk of time for that person. They are going to make sure that they get to spend plenty of quality time together. They will prioritize this person above everything else. Even though they might not admit that they have fallen hard, they will do anything to make this person smile.


People born in September are all about practicality. When they’re in a committed relationship, they’re going to make sure that they’re doing their fair share of the chores, then helping you with yours whenever you’re going through a stressful time and could use some help. They’re going to surprise you with thoughtful gestures on a frequent basis, so you’ll never have to question how they feel about you. Even though they aren’t saying how much they care out loud, they are showing it through their actions. They are showing up whenever you need them and anticipating your needs before you have to ask. They are never going to make you feel like an inconvenience or a second choice.


People born in November aren’t entirely comfortable voicing their feelings. Showing vulnerability is rough for them — but that doesn’t mean that they are going to keep their feelings a secret. They are going to show how they feel through their actions each and every day. They are going to make sure you feel loved at all times, even if they aren’t actually saying those words out loud, by remembering the little things about you, checking in on you throughout the day, and seeing whether there’s anything you need from them. They are incredibly attentive and perceptive because they listen to every word you say closely. They genuinely care and they make sure you know it.