Igor Rand

Here’s Why Everyone Has A Crush On You, Based On Your Birth Month

There’s always at least one person crushing on you at any given time. Here’s why they find you so dang attractive, based on the month you were born.


You attract people who love strong, decisive go-getters, and they’re often pulled into your gravity. You’re bold and say what you feel (but not in a bitchy way). You’re great at leading a group, even if it’s just friends and you’re choosing the next bar. You’re not afraid to take up space, and people love you for it.


While you care about people around you—and that’s hot on its own—you’re also not afraid to let your sassy side show. People have a crush on you because you’re anything but boring. A conversation with you likely leads to some weird and hilarious places, and they’ll be entertained even if you’re spending the night in.


People love you for your optimism. That sunshiny personality means you have at least a few people following you around at all times. If they ever need a boost, they know where to find you. And best of all, your optimism is rooted in reality. You’re not deluded—you just know how to turn a negative into a positive.


You attract people who like to be told what to do. If they’re indecisive, they’ll gravitate to you because they instinctively know that you’ll take care of all the decision-making. Or you’ll prod them in a loving enough way to make a decision themselves. Either way, your bold and fearless nature is attractive as hell.


What a smarty you are. People have a crush on you because you’re so damn smart. You’re definitely attracting the sapiosexuals—people who find intelligence attractive. Even if you’re a bit of a know-it-all sometimes, they don’t seem to mind being corrected. It may even make them like you more.


You attract the quiet ones, June. They like that they can just sit back and listen to you talk. There are never any dangers of awkward silences—they don’t have to worry about coming up with things to say. You’ve totally got that covered. And even when it’s their turn to talk, they know you’ll lead them in the conversation, which takes the pressure off.


People love how determined you are. You’ll never be accused of being wishy-washy, so you attract people who like stability. You go for you want, you get things done, you make things happen. Even when you just sit back and relax, it’s in such an intentional way.


You’re a little weird, and people love you for it. It’s probably because you’re so confident in your eccentricities. You like what you like and you don’t care if people are going to judge you for it. You attract people who struggle with this kind of confidence, and they’ll feel emboldened by your energy.


You get shit done. You have a goal, you figure out all the little details to achieve it, and you make things happen. People are attracted to your drive and power. You also tend to have a quiet intensity that some people find mysterious and sexy.


You’re the person in the center of the room with the fiery personality and all eyes on them. You seem to get along with almost everyone you meet, which means you have admirers far and wide. And the sass you sometimes let forth will also attract people who like a little bit of volatility.


People find your empathy and sensitivity incredibly attractive. You can sense when the people around you are uncomfortable and will do what you need to to make them feel happy and welcome. You’re the one who gives great hugs, listens when people are down, and suggests fun adventures to help them forget their troubles.


You’re the party planner, the one getting everyone out of their houses every weekend. People have crushes on you because you’re exciting and fun. You actually do things, and many of us can’t really say the same. Your extravert tendencies make you a must-have in people’s lives, whether romantically or as a kickass friend.