Olia Danilevich

10 Subtle Ways You’ll Know You’ve Found The One

Sometimes true love creeps up on you. It hovers at the edges, coloring everything pink and gold, until one day you realize that your life has changed completely. Because this time, it’s different. But how do you know? True love is subtle. When you find the one, you’ll know because of the little things. Keep your eyes and heart open to these subtle signs you’ve found the one.

1. You can sit in comfortable silence. Even just being in the same room as one of you plays a game and the other reads a book. You don’t have to be talking to each other. The silence is companionable, like two perfect pairs doing their own things near enough to each other to still feel the love.

2. Your communication styles match when things get tough. Even soulmates fight. You’re not always going to be on the same page. But when you’ve found the one, their communication style matches your own, whether it’s talking things out so you don’t go to bed angry, or sleeping on it so you have space before you talk.

3. You aren’t worrying so much. When you think about past relationships, the ones that didn’t work, you realize you’re not worrying as much. You aren’t worried that you’re doing the wrong thing or that you might not be on the same page. That worry is replaced by delicious contentment.

4. Everything feels better when they’re around. It’s simple things. Suddenly going to the grocery store with your partner feels like an amazing adventure. Now when you think of all the things you’d do alone or in past relationships–like running errands or cleaning the house–they feel so much better with your person. And you never want to go back to the way it was without them.

5. You’ve never felt so relaxed. In past relationships, you could never get comfortable. You didn’t realize just how uncomfortable you really were until you met this person, who makes you feel like you can finally exhale.

6. You feel comfortable in your skin. You don’t have to worry about dressing up or whether your pudgy waist will turn them off. You know that they like you just as you are, and you’ve never felt such loving acceptance before.

7. You feel like it’s okay to be yourself. You don’t need to pretend to be something you’re not. You can be a human: messy, confusing, and sometimes contradictory. And you’ll know that, through all of it, you’ll still be loved.

8. Your relationship insecurities start to disappear. Past relationships were filled with worry. Did they like you as much as you like them? Are they going to ghost you? When you’ve found the one, all of that disappears.

9. You feel lucky to have them. And they feel lucky to have you. It’s like you’ve both won the lottery and came home with the person so perfectly suited to you.

10. Everything quietly shifts into place. Everything above aside, when you’ve found the one, you feel a shift. You can just tell, because it doesn’t feel like any relationship before it. The feeling might creep up on you, but it’ll make itself known when it’s time. It feels good, it feels right, and it’s something you never want to let go.