10 Unique Red Flags You Should Seriously Watch Out For

10 Unique Red Flags You Should Have On Your Radar

Make sure you’re careful when dating. You don’t want to end up with the wrong person. Here are some red flags that you might not have considered before but you should start looking out for in the future:

“I look at, and tell my friends and younger family members to look at, how does that person laugh? What do they laugh at? How often do they laugh at something? I knew someone who was finnneeeee but would only ever laugh at people who got hurt or embarrassed (Like tripping in front of people). Nope nope nope.” — ValBravora048

“Someone that can only have fun if it includes alcohol. I don’t care if people want to drink, but do you have to be drunk on a camping trip? Didn’t you get drunk watching Netflix at home? Or at the club? If someone wants to meet and their only idea of a social setting is going to have a few drinks, what’s the point? I drink to get fucked up because I have nothing to do, I don’t drink to enhance the shit I’d do regularly or already enjoy. Maybe I’m fucking boring, I don’t know, but if your life revolves around alcohol like my ex’s life then nah, not for me.” — Anthonywantsnoosnoo

“Excessive social media use. I don’t want to do stuff just so we can take pictures. I want to do shit to do shit.” — Preference-Economy

“How do they react to slow Wi-Fi, not feeling well, bad service in a restaurant, a bad flight, or bad traffic? How do they react to someone disagreeing with them just to be a dick? Are they rude to hotel employees when it’s really late? Are they nice to airport employees during delayed flights? Are they nice to nurses and/or lab technicians during bad or stressful doctor appointments/ER visits? Their reactions to these adverse situations are EXTREMELY telling about their true self.” — toss_it_out12345678

“A very minor one but do they leave their phone volume on when they scroll/text during a movie or show you are watching? If so, they can piss off cause they’re going to be unaware of how annoying they will be at any given time.” — [deleted]

“Planning a vacation tells you a lot about how well you work as a team, how they react to stress and uncertainty, how well they respect foreigners and other cultures, how well they share spaces (sharing a room is a preview to what living with them is like).” — curiouspigeon92

“Interrupting me. Have the decency to let me finish my sentence. I promise I will reciprocate.” — GearJunkie82

“Playing a board game can tell you a lot about a person. I don’t mean if they are deceitful in a game, they are in real life. I mean, do they engage with the game? How well do they seem to understand the game? If you’re paying attention you can quickly find out how outgoing, playful, intelligent, serious, etc. they are.” — Teach-o-tron

“If they joke about jealousy it’s normally a clear sign where it’s headed long term.” — [deleted]

“Having opinions about everything, and knowledge of nothing.” — [deleted]