10 PG Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship
Danik Prihodko

10 Wholesome PG Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship

“I bought two crossword puzzle books that are the same. Like those 15 minute crossword puzzle books, something not too difficult. Every once in a while when we get bored we break them out and race to see who can finish their puzzle first. So far she is crushing me, but it’s all in good fun.” — seafoam

“We shower together. I know this is usually considered sexual, but by focusing on the little details of soaping, rinsing and washing the hair of the other person, it honestly feels more intimate than sex.” — polderbaan

“Hiking. I don’t mean long walks either. I mean grueling long duration hikes with a lot of elevation and rocks involved. It is really a bonding experience to scale a mountain together (both figuratively and literally, but in this case literally).” — shitstainedtampon

“We love to go to garage sales. It’s not even about buying the stuff, but driving all over town, finding new places, and laughing together.” — oh_sparkly

“Have a ‘no electronics’ night. Read a book together. Go for walks. Sneak into hotel pools. Pick a random ass topic and just go from there. I have been with my wife for almost a decade and we still find out random things about each other. It is great to have routine. Sometimes it is even better to smash the shit out of said routine.” — zetaphi938

“My wife and I go Geocaching. It gives us an opportunity to explore and find little hidden treasures each time we go. There are currently two million active caches across all seven continents. Yes, Antarctica too, and almost every country.” — StrangerMind

“My girlfriend came up with a date jar. We each put five fun things we haven’t done before together and pull one after going out. Thing get pretty hectic but we try not to let things interfere. You should try it.” — besuperhuman

“We try to take a class together. It give us something to discuss other than work and it’s guaranteed quality time. We’ve taken bronze sculpture, drawing, jewelry making, kinetic sculpture…. a few others. We also have a standing Sunday event with our friends where we cook a big meal and drink wine with friends. Not really a ‘couple’ thing, but good for the braincells regardless. But probably the biggest thing I’ve figured out 12 years in to a happy marriage is sometimes you have to let the other person do what they want without you. My husband loves foreign art films and I would rather eat a bullet than sit through one. He goes without me and I get the synopsis later.” — NeuroVet

“I know it sounds sexual (and it can be), but my SO and I have ‘naked Tuesdays’ at our house. It’s not necessarily to boost our odds of fooling around (though it never hurts), but rather to brighten the beginning of a long week and keep a sense of humor about the apartment. Everything from studying to chores to playing cards is more interesting when you’re naked. Plus, have you ever tried to have a serious fight while naked? You can’t do it!” — CradleOfLeaves

“My parents play video games together. They bicker like married people while playing the video games. It’s very very cute. I hope to one day do the same with my currently non existent significant other.” — Sovonna