10 Worst Pickup Lines That Won’t Get You A Girlfriend
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10 Worst Pickup Lines That Won’t Get You A Girlfriend

“One time I was in a bar with my (admittedly stunning) friend and some guy was like, ‘Hey can I buy you a drink? Must be hard being out with a friend that’s so much better looking than you.’ Obviously it didn’t work, and I told him to go F himself.” — amelia_greggs

“Oh god… I once walked up to a girl, put my hand in her drink, and pulled out a piece of ice. Then I dropped it on the floor and stood on it: ‘Now that the ice is broken, let’s go out.’ She looked at me and said, ‘Did you just put your hand in my drink?’ Did not get laid. Did get kicked out of the bar.” — MrSparklesan

“Sitting in college between classes, a girl walks by and then is immediately followed by a guy who taps her on her shoulder and says, ‘Excuse me, you got something on you… My gaze…” then just stared at her. I thought to myself that aside from the cringe, it was at least original. The girl just brushed him off and continued on her way, but every so often I still think about that.” — isitnationalpizzaday

“I was sitting at a bar with a girl I was on a date with, and she was approached by another man who said: ‘Your pants look very empty without me in them.’ I had offered to give her my pants so that this guy could be in her pants. She laughed and we left the bar. P.S. thanks random drunk guy, I went to 3rd base that night because of you.” — FirkFirebeard

“I was 15 at the mall (1990s) with a few friends and wearing shirt with flowers on it. Some guy walked up and asked, ‘How many seeds did it take to germinate your shirt?’ I have no poker face and was extremely confused by the comment. He quickly said, ‘Terrible pick-up line. I know.’ I blurted out, ‘That was a pickup line?!’ I wasn’t trying to be mean. It really popped out of my mouth. He sort of shrugged and walked away. Very PG compared to the other ones on here, but terrible nonetheless.” — Sea_Math_8864

“On a very hot summer day, a van stopped and this pudgy metalhead rolled down his window and said: ‘I got air conditioner in the back. What do you think, you and me?’ It wasn’t threatening in the slightest. Just an honest and very direct question. I replied with: ‘Ahhh I think not!’ He said, ‘all right,’ smiled, and went on his way. I’m still impressed by the way he made it sound so not creepy.” — Uncommon-unnamed

“Someone messaged me on a dating app saying, ‘I’m like your appendix – I want to burst inside you.’”  — SarcastiKatt

“A guy told me he just started a new apprenticeship as a plumber helper and asked me: ‘Would you like to watch me install a toilet?’” — dosabby1

“He said, ‘I will disappoint you in ways you never thought were possible.'” — Spyd3rs

“A guy walked up to me in the club and said, ‘You are beautiful, I am beautiful, our children will also be beautiful.'” — Pass_the_Lasagna