11 Best Shows That Have Ever Been On HBO

11 Best Shows From HBO

“People can enjoy other shows more, but The Wire is an absolute masterpiece. The character work, the character flaws, the attention to motivations and background is incredible. Though temporal in its plot, the themes and ideas of this show are timeless. Cedrics’s attempt to climb a broken organization, Mcnulty’s organizational conflict, Bubble’s arc, Stringer’s divide from Barksdale, Omar’s code, and Tommy’s desire to reach just a little higher, the willingness to sacrifice his current principles to do more good later, are all so compelling. And that’s before the issues they deal with: the war on drugs, street crime, police corruption, educational dysfunction, the decline of the media, the fall of blue collar work and way of life, and the rat hole that is politics. The Wire is a masterpiece. The Great American novel.” — Aluroon

Rome. It’s a tragedy that there were only two seasons. Felt like it was released a bit ahead of its time. If this came out after GoT, it would have been huge.” — Jockobutters

Veep. The most perfectly cast show. Impossible to imagine any other actor in any of the roles.” — Empty_Variety4550

Deadwood. The dialogue! Al Swearengen has some of the best dialogue of any show ever. Ian McShane acted the shit out of that part. One of my favorite characters, from any media, of all time.” — neverw1ll

Love the Sopranos. Never watched it when it was released, but have watched it all the way through at least 5x on HBO Max. I keep finding things I never noticed before and it doesn’t get old, as something to zone out to, or just have on in the background.” — bossdankmemes

Band of Brothers for me personally is one of the best television shows I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes. So it’s probably that for me. But HBO does so well with their productions that I wouldn’t argue with anyone if they thought another was better.” — RehnX

Six Feet Under. Just finished watching this show again since it first aired (22 years ago!). It was incredibly therapeutic after recently experiencing loss and grief myself. But it was definitely better the second time around oddly because now I relate more with the adult characters where as back then I was closer to Claire’s age group. Regardless of relating to any characters it’s still an amazing show and holds up today because it was way ahead of its time when it came out.” — Zmb7elwa

Curb Your Enthusiasm. Whenever I hear the HBO opening, this is the show theme that just feels like it should follow. I also feel like it’s the most consistently good show for the longest period of time.” — Step-Father_of_Lies

Big Love, such an underrated series for the early days of the HBO developed content. Entourage was still in its infancy but was a fan favorite, but Bill Paxton and the rest of the actors did an amazing job with the script writing and plot development. Everyone should give it a watch, it’s truly awesome TV.” — seewead3445

Chernobyl, even though most of it is accurate and one small part of it is not, I highly suggest it to anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. I’ve watched through seven times with multiple friends. It’s highly emotional material, but it depends on if you can take that type of stuff or not. I don’t cry because I’ve watched it several times and I’ve seen the material over and over again, but the first time, I was bawling. I’ve grown an attachment to Valery Legasov and I’ve began to study his work in real life. This show was so powerful to me that I’m now highly considering a path in nuclear engineering.” — BlasphemousClergy

Oz. And I will die on this hill. So many people from that show have gone on to do other things (notably the Law & Order franchises: Chris Meloni as Stabler, Dean Winters who did SVU and is now Mayhem on the commercials, Ernie Hudson, JK Simmons known as the L&O psychiatrist and now J. Jonah Jameson in MCU or DC Universe, etc.). Plus you never knew who was going to die in that show.” — LadyBug_0570