11 couples get brutally honest about whether they say I love you every day
Mihail Tregubov

11 Couples Get Brutally Honest About Whether They Say ‘I Love You’ Every Day

“Married 23 years and make sure to tell my wife I love her every day. She knows I love her without my saying it and I know she loves me without her saying it but the minute you stop doing that is the moment you start taking each other for granted.” — njetzche40

“Unpopular opinion here, but I feel it dilutes the word to say it too frequently. I want it to actually mean something when I say it, and if I say it multiple times a day, it almost means nothing. My girlfriend probably wishes I would say it more, but at the same time, I can tell she straight up gets a high when I say it because when I do, there’s genuine passion behind it instead of just a routine. (It’s not like I say it once every six months or something, I say it when she says it first, but I only initiate it once every like two weeks and she knows it’s the truth and it means a lot because I don’t just throw those words around likes it’s just a routine).” — Intrepid_Stick_6593

“I do. I never understood people saying it only once a week/month/year, whatever, because otherwise it loses its meaning. It never did for me. I tell my wife how much I lover her several times a day, and it’s still as meaningful as the first time.” — TisIChenoir

“I work in trauma healthcare and have seen some SHIT. I tell my husband and girls I love them every chance I get.” — CoconutRumpus

“To be honest, I don’t. Ever. I’m working on it, but I don’t like showing affection through words, it’s like pulling teeth. I never tell my family nor friends that I love them either.” — 0nyon

“I do many times a day. And it isn’t enough just to say it, you have to show that you mean it in the little acts that we can do.” — PM_ME_UR_CIRCUIT

“My wife and I do. Her family wasn’t very affectionate, but in my family you always say, ‘I love you’ when leaving each other’s company, hanging up the phone, and after a fight. You never know what could happen, and you don’t want regrets over last words, or to wonder if that person knows how you feel. My wife picked up on this habit too. What’s funny is her family started doing it as well over the last couple of years. We even say it to very dear friends, the ones who are basically chosen family.” — PlanktonOk4846

“I do. Multiple times a day. I’m not going to waste any time not telling my partner I love them. We could be ripped apart by circumstance or die at any given moment. I don’t want to ever regret not telling him I love him.” — Odd-Guarantee3557

“I say it so often that sometimes I accidentally say it to strangers.” — GooglePixel69

“I tell my boyfriend every chance I get. He’s very iffy with his mental state and home life. So, every chance I get, I send him something to make him feel better and then say how much I love and appreciate him. As well as telling him how proud I am of him.” — XxUwUmasterXx

“30 years married and not only do I tell my wife I love her every day, but I also tell her how beautiful she is.” — MichelangeloOfMetal