11 Couples On The Wholesome Reason Their Partner Is Their Favorite Person

11 Couples On The Wholesome Reason Their Partner Is Their Favorite Person

Your partner is supposed to be your favorite person. They’re supposed to be the one you feel like you can turn to in any situation. Here are some couples on the wholesome reason their partner is their favorite person:

“He brings me coffee in bed. Every. Single. Morning. It’s been 8 years and in that time I’ve made coffee twice. It’s gotten to the point that I’m not even sure how to properly use the machine anymore. If he wakes up before me, he’ll wait until a reasonable hour and then I wake up with the smell of coffee beans beside the bed. If we’ve had an argument, he brings me coffee and then quietly leaves the room. If he has to go out of town, he makes the coffee and puts it in an 8hr mug before he goes. Mornings are my favorite!” — SpicyYellowBanana

“My wife is just a go getter. She wanted to learn carpentry and she did. Wanted a better job and she got it. When she wants to achieve something she just does.” — daboot013

“When we’re both cranky for silly or small reasons, we’re cranky together, not at each other. It reminds me that we’re always partners, never adversaries.” — MedicalMud53

“She is self-aware and says things like, ‘I may have been being selfish.’ ‘You have a good point.’ And ‘I’m sorry.’ I do the same and try to admit my faults, and stop on a dime in an argument and say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m being unreasonable, let’s back up.’ In essence we both are pretty good at admitting and accepting each other’s and our own frailties. It’s rare to be with a partner like that. Also, she has a hilarious laugh and sense of humor, and though she doesn’t feel so, she’s hilarious.” — Mykneeisbig

“Simple: because no matter what, I never doubt in my mind that he loves me more than anything. I never worry about him leaving/cheating on me. I can be my complete, authentic self around him. Even when we fight, I know it’s just a temporary tiff that we’ll talk about later when we’ve cooled down.” — cloudgirl150

“He does everything in his power to reassure me and take care of me and the baby we’re having soon. I have absolutely no doubt how much he loves me. He’s not embarrassed to show his love for me in front of people.” — CaitiieBuggs

“The way he still looks at me. When I get out of the shower and there’s lunch waiting for me. How some nights he wakes up in the middle of the night and pulls me closer to him because I’ve moved too far away. The sacrifices he makes for me everyday. That he tries his best to make sure I am smiling. He’s always there when I need him no matter the time or place. There are so many things that he does every day to let me know he loves me. Ah. He is just a perfect match for me. We have our rough times and we get frustrated with each other, but he always treats me with kindness, respect, and love no matter what mood he is in. We always make sure to communicate our problems and at the end of most days we go to bed with a smile on our faces.” — vsprintffdgh

“Accepting me for every. single. quirk. I was pretty pessimistic about relationships when we went on our first date so I am lucky that I have never faked one situation or personality or even had to present my best self. Best example – I had an ex that I thought was perfect for me. I’m a fucking weirdo so once I meowed at him. He told me not to do that. I meow at my now fiancé and he meows right back.” — Tomoyo_in_Transwise

“My long-term girlfriend heard online that often the only time a man receives flowers are at his funeral. She’s bought me flowers several times since then. And it kills me every time. That’s only one of the many adorable considerate things I love about her.” — Lord_Metagross

“His patience. He respects me and shows me he loves me everyday. He hasn’t raised his voice to me in seven years (as long as we have been together). He knows how to say no firmly and gently, and accepts it when I say it.” — GoddessOfOddness

“He’s not afraid to show he cares. He doesn’t hold back from letting me know what he’s thinking. He had a late night last night, and we’re both usually up pretty early. He woke up to text good morning and that he’s going back to sleep, but just wanted to make sure he said hi at our regular time. It’s all these supposed little things that add up to something pretty great.” — MsPinkieB