11 Low-Key Dates For Introverts

11 Low-Key Dates For Introverts

“Pick a place where there’s something to do other than focusing on each other all the time because things can get awkward really fast. A trip to the museum sounds good mostly because of this, rather than how well it fits my personal interests. I suppose it’s also a great way to know how well you’d get along with them on a day-to-day basis. You can easily pick out people who overwhelm you with their chatter and don’t let you enjoy anything, as well as those who are just trying to rush you to the end because they’re bored with it all and don’t have anything interesting to say. Finding someone whose presence makes the visit a better experience for you than it would’ve been if you went alone is rare. And precious. So yeah. Museums all the way.” — TheGoldenPilot

“Mini golf. I like dates where we have an activity of some sort. I suck at small talk, which is like 95% of a first date. Having something to do/look at takes the pressure off of me to think of things to talk about.” — Tigger-Rex

“One-on-one, walking around town, just talking and hanging out somewhere. I prefer walking around because changing scenery makes my brain move from topic to topic easier, thus reducing stagnant conversation.” — Alpha-Pancake

“My wife says a picnic by a quiet lake. We’ve actually done this several times and it’s usually been quite nice.” — MC_L

“One of my best dates ever was supposed to be a movie date, but we met up at a bookstore and that ended up being the date. Sweet, sweet bookstores.” — nudiestmanatee

“I once had a date at Ikea pretty late at night when it wasn’t so busy. It was pretty awesome. It took forever to get through, they have a cafeteria that has great food at a reasonable price, and I learned a lot about what she looks for in a bed.” — Outrageous_Claims

“Movie or game you mutually enjoy. Co-op makes a lot of things more fun.” — Voxous

“Early in a relationship: going to a restaurant, having dinner and wine and conversation. Once the relationship is established: sleepover! Not in a sexual way (although sex is welcome too), but hanging out, eating snacks, watching movies, building a blanket fort, etc.” [deleted]

“The zoo. Seriously, it’s so fun. And then maybe a picnic later.” — ace_valentine

“Netflix and chill. Seriously though. It’s really difficult for me to feel comfortable being physically casual with someone else somewhere that other people are watching me. One of the most intimate moments I’ve ever shared with someone was just cuddled up on a couch showing them the first season of Avatar. Her giggling and cuddling up to me while watching Sokka make a doofus of himself felt to me like one of the most intimate moments I’ve shared with someone that I knew that little about.” — xenosis

“Anything nature-related. Take me hiking. Let’s go to a wildlife reserve. Spend the day on a lake fishing. Check out some cool beaches, waterfalls, whatever. I live in a big city and hate crowds, so taking a nice trip to a quiet place is heaven.” — [deleted]