11 Morning Rules That Will Drastically Improve Your Relationship

11 Morning Rituals That Will Drastically Improve Your Relationship

“We take extra care not to wake each other up if we wake up before each other and watch TV or go on our phones. Magical.” — Lhayluiine

“Whoever wakes up first on our mutual days off makes the other a cup of coffee when they wake up. Nothing beats waking up to your partner handing you a cup of coffee moments after you emerge from the bedroom.” — AShadyAugur

“If you don’t get up at the same time: The earlier riser does the morning chores. The later riser does the evening chores. That way the person who gets up earliest doesn’t resent that their wake up time landed them with chores (because they know they’ll have the evening off) and the person who sleeps later can do so guilt-free, knowing they will handle the evening.” — StubbornAndCorrect

“We sleep with separate blankets. We’ll hop under the same blanket if we are awake but once we are ready for bed we wrap ourselves in our own personal blankets. The freedom is amazing.” — thune123

“A white noise machine helped immensely. Now he can sleep as long as he wants and I can be as loud as I want in the rest of the house during the three hours I’m up early for.” — _black_gazebo_

“We have our own tubes of toothpaste. One of us squeezes from the end and the other the middle. Caused no end of pent up angst. Also we have our own bathroom cabinet shelves.” — Tess-Dubois

“Separate bathrooms can help a great deal, if they’re an option. Women, I’ve found, are often disgusted by the amount of hair that gets scattered when us men shave, and of course there’s no conflict over using the sink, toilet, or shower.” — Nihiliste

“Morning greetings are important to me. One of us will usually be on our phone until the other person wakes up. Once the other person wakes, phone down. Time for cuddles.” — DreamsThatHaveFaded

“Something I did wrong in an early relationship that has been more successful in later ones is waking up together. Specially when one or both of us had to go to work; getting up together, sex, shower, breakfast, get on with the day. Meant much more time together for starters and felt more respectful than not getting up with my partner and letting them face their day alone. Probably doesn’t work for everyone, or all situations, but worth it every morning.” — mebjammin

“Getting a programmable light switch. He had trouble waking up to his alarm, which resulted in him setting it for an HOUR before he got up (so he could snooze it multiple times). I had no trouble waking up to his alarm, which meant waking up HOURS plural, before I needed to. With the light, it comes on and stays on, and I can just fall back asleep no problem, and he stays awake after one alarm. Win-win.” — AdeptAdaptor

“We always get up early and make breakfast just the two of us before our daughter wakes up. It gives us morning alone time and doesn’t feel rushed.” — veggienuggets123