11 People Reveal How They Accidentally Broke Up A Couple
Igor Érico

11 People Reveal How They Accidentally Broke Up A Couple

“I was under the impression that they were in an open relationship as Person A told me, ‘Yeah, we’re in an open relationship.’ I complimented Person B on how well they seemed to be making it work who told me, ‘WHAT!?’ I assume that I was set up to break them up.” — Cortoro

“They haven’t been dating for long, but my roommate was about to get laid by this girl he was seeing for the first time. He texted me ahead of time so I could leave a condom in his bedroom. Sure no problem, man! Without thinking, I just threw it on his pillow and went back to bed. Years later, he told me he hadn’t quite sealed the deal yet, she saw the condom and left. Never came back. I guess I was supposed to put in his nightstand or under his pillow. We laughed about it.” — sibtalay

“Best friend and his girlfriend were having troubles. They had been together for almost ten years and had started drifting apart. She was trying to make things better, but the more she tried to make him better, the worse it seemed to get. I had a chat with her one evening, told her it wouldn’t be selfish to put herself first for once because everything she was doing at fixing the relationship was centered on making him happy. Few days later I got the news that she dumped him, my chat was brought up during the breakup. Friend was rather pissed off and blamed me for the split.” — hmfiddlesworth

“Let it slip in front of friends girlfriend that he’d been out at the pub with us the previous Saturday night. Only thing was, that was their anniversary and he’d told her he’d had to rush home to look after his ill auntie. That relationship lasted about 15 more minutes…” — [deleted]

“I’m married in a monogamous relationship, but have many friends who are polyamorus and my wife and I would party with them regularly, but not participating in the open relationship stuff that would go down. We introduced another married couple that were friends of ours to some of these polyamorous friends and they started getting invited to various gatherings. The wife in the couple got really interested in the whole polyamory thing, but the husband did not. They weren’t communicating well and she started doing things with other people and getting mad that he was being so strict. At some point it went too far for the husband and they ended up splitting. I know that they probably would have ended up having problems eventually, but I do wonder how it would have went if we never would have introduced them to those people.” — PopeMachineGodTitty

“I thought his side girl was his girlfriend for 3+ months. I did not realize this until I spoke to his actual girlfriend who I thought was his sister.” — Verodoxys

“So I was on on of those tour trips and the tour guide was pretty awesome, she’d get drunk with us and just be part of the group. I then put some photos on Facebook of our antics, which she got tagged in, which her boyfriend saw and had a tantrum about, so last time I saw her she was crazy drunk and had to be carried back to her room. I still feel bad sometimes.” — 96Phoenix

“Friend was having some issues in his relationship with his girlfriend. He had moved in with her at her family’s farm. After D&D at a mutual friend’s place, we were out in the parking lot cleaning the snow off of our cars. I told him that I was on several dating websites, and I saw she had set up a profile and was browsing around. Specifically, I saw she had checked out my profile. He thanked me for letting him know and we went our ways. The next time I saw him, he was crashing at the mutual friend’s house for the indefinite future. He had gone home and immediately confronted the girlfriend about it. They had argued through most of the night and he packed some of his stuff in the morning and moved out.” — Freadan

“I was dating this woman… mid thirties, single mom. Except she wasn’t single. She was married. He found out. Then I found out. Then they broke up. And naturally I didn’t want to date a cheater so I dumped her too.” — OPs_Moms_Fuck_Toy

“I was unaware my friends girlfriend was avidly against him smoking weed and I mentioned a story in a group of people (including his girlfriend) about how stupid high him and a few people got and she broke up with him cause apparently it was his last chance.” — IFearEars

“I used to hang out a lot with a friend and his girlfriend. We used to joke around a lot all of us and generally have a good time. They never labeled it as a relationship and they broke up after about 6 months. I later found out it was a bit because of me. She apparently started to feel like he wasn’t right for her because I was more her type. I didn’t understand it until way later but still felt like shit about it.” — axetex