11 People Share The Red Flags They’re Actually Happy They Ignored

11 People Share The Red Flag They’re Actually Happy They Ignored

Most of the time, red flags should send you running in the opposite direction. But it’s possible to misjudge someone – especially when it’s over something small. Here are some couples on the red flags they’re happy they ignored because they ended up in a happy relationship:

“I thought she was too sensitive (especially since I’m the complete opposite of that). She brings joy and excitement to my life and I wouldn’t change a thing now.” — ultimateforme

“How she’d worry over the smallest things. Anything that went wrong (dentist, food going off, traffic, not having enough time to wash her hair) would send her into a panic and put her in a foul mood that could last for hours. I’m the exact opposite. Completely laid back. If the dentist doesn’t have good news I’ll accept it and not worry, if food goes off I’ll pop down to the shops and grab some more and if we’re late because of traffic that’s just how it goes. I thought her moods would be the thing to end us, to slowly wear down my patience to a point where I’d stop trying to comfort, reassure, and calm her down. I was wrong. Reader, I’ve never been happier. And we’re good for each other. I can calm her down and she can make me care about things I didn’t used to think were a big deal but ultimately are. We work so well together.” — AlexWPJ

“When I first met my fiancé he was incredibly shy and quiet. I have a very outgoing personality and I’m extremely social. I’ve been able to draw him out of his shell and he gives me balance. I’ve learned it’s ok to say no to events and just relax. I’m glad I looked past his shyness.” — Brwnsugar320

“I mistook my husband’s relaxed attitude with not caring. Nope. He really is that easy going. Now I love his even temperament. Some times is annoying but is mostly calming.” — designgoddess

“I was always told to date a man that treats his mom right and is a ‘family man’ because I could expect him to treat me the right way. My SO hates his mom and has always been private about his family. We celebrate 7 years together next month, and I’ve never regretted looking past the family thing.” — cheeseheadno

“My spouse’s very weird and unusual sense of humor. I was afraid he was unstable. He would draw weird cartoons, mimic people’s voices and mannerisms (creepily accurate), and tell the craziest stories. Turns out he’s just fucking hilarious and he usually keeps me belly laughing once a week.” — [deleted]

“When I met him, my husband had just closed his comic book store. I had a few people who didn’t know him at all tell me that he was a loser because he had a comic book store and that ‘type’ never does well in life. I knew his store closed for reasons out of his control (business partner for cancer, sold the store to pay for treatment) and that he was seriously depressed about it. No one else seemed to see the man I did and I felt like I was stealing him. Legit the most generous, kindest, funniest, smart-ass dude I’ve ever met. I’m glad I ignored them because I doubt I could find a better partner in life. There’s been a lot of shit thrown at us but we have navigated it together. I love him and despite how much the rest of my life sucks, my marriage is resilient and healthy.” — DaisyHotCakes

“I ignored ALLLLLL the huge red flags about his family. They were loud, overbearing, over sensitive, negative and narcissistic – my husband’s none of those things. I literally told him after meeting them that I never knew families like his really existed. Thought it was some exaggeration or dramatic trope. Fortunately, nearly 15 years later, my in-laws are all cut off or dead and we have zero family drama!” — Caira_Ru

“My dad always told me, ‘I don’t care who you bring home, as long as they have their own drill.’ I come from a family of woodworkers with a lot of DIY experience. My partner doesn’t have his own drill, but he was absolutely amazing in every other way, so my dad loved him right from the start despite this egregious fault.” — claireauriga

“I thought he was way too clingy and loved stuffed animals a lot, and a little too attached to stuff. He turned out to be a guy with a big heart who taught me a lot about caring for people, who mellowed out a lot. He’s working on the sentimentality and having too much stuff, he likes having space for living in too!” — [deleted]

“She rarely wants to talk about emotions, how our relationship is going, or anything like that. At first I took this as her not caring or keeping things bottled up, but in reality she’ll just tell me if something is up and when she says she’s ‘fine’, she’s actually fine. I’m fairly emotional for a dude so it balances me out.” — Timinime