11 Red Flags That This Job Will Make You Miserable
Vlada Karpovich

11 Red Flags That This Job Will Make You Miserable

“Conveniently small amount of Glassdoor reviews, all glowing. Company I used to work for was awful, and they had loads of 1-star reviews (with a lot of substance behind them). Conveniently enough, they’ve all gone recently, to be replaced by a handful of 5-star ones.” —PloppyTheSpaceship

“One thing I look for when interviewing onsite is checking out people’s desks as I walk through the halls. If there are no personal effects or decor in workers’ cubicles, then that makes me think people just hate being there. I think if there are decorations, people are more comfortable and enjoy their job and workspaces and it’s likely a more friendly place to work.” — nice_touch

“Extremely high pay for what is a very simple, low effort job. Bonus points if they have a sign that says ‘now hiring’ outside, year round. This indicates that even with a high pay rate, they can’t keep people on.” — lowexpectationsguy

“If you ever hear a higher up say anything along the lines of ‘I don’t have to do that because I’m an X.’ As a manager/owner/lead/etc… Your job is to support your team, if that means as a store owner you’re cleaning puke off the bathroom floor guess what, you’re cleaning puke off the bathroom floor. If you ever see a boss refusing to help when it’s busy or delegating a task poorly (eg the new guy has to go pick stock while your boss hangs out in the back room taking calls) quit.” — GardenSpecialist5619

“I’ve seen it before, picture this: Food, snacks, and beverages all day. Alcohol, bought by the company, that you can have after five. On-site gym, child care, movie theater, rec areas. Play guitar? Bring it in and play a bit! Keep it at your desk! Need a minute to mess around on the internet? Go for it! Oh, and you have unlimited time off!!!! (As long as you can stay on top of your work)… They. OWN. You. Your life is now all there, as far as they are concerned.” — 67SuperReverb

“When your initial interview doesn’t start on time, and you’re waiting. They don’t respect your time. Which essentially means they don’t respect their workers.” — Street_Vacation_2730

We’re like a family. Be willing to work in a fast-paced environment. This is just code for “we will guilt you into doing things beyond your job, and we are poorly managed” — Slawth_x

“If all of the other employees look sullen and depressed. If you walk into the office area and feel like you’ve walked into a funeral service. Nobody’s smiling, nobody’s laughing. Nobody looks remotely happy or content. Just turn around and walk back to your car. That is not a good place to be working at.“ — Jasons_Brain

“Everyone you meet has been working there less than two years and it isn’t a startup.” — LeeroyTC

“The owners children are in high management/executive positions.” — secretbaldspot

“If they’re plastering ‘It’s so much FUN to work here!’ all over the place, RUN. I believe in good workplace morale, but if they have to advertise it, it’s not.” — notthesedays